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557 <br /> <br />ORDINANCE NO. NS- 2321 <br /> <br />AN ORDINANCE OF THE CITY OF SANTA ANA <br />AMENDING SECTION 41-1501 OF THE SANTA <br />MUNICIPAL CODE REGARDING WATER EFFICIENT <br />LANDSCAPE STANDARDS <br /> <br /> THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF SANTA ANA DOES ORDAIN AS <br />FOLLOWS: <br /> <br /> SECTION 1: That the Santa Ana Municipal Code is hereby <br />amended to read as follows: <br /> <br />Bec. 4~-~505. &pplicab~l~ty. <br /> <br /> (a) This article shall apply to sites which have a lot size <br />of more than 15,000 square feet and which are any of the following: <br /> <br />(1) New construction projects except single-family and two- <br /> family dwellings. <br /> <br />(2) Redevelopment rebate program-assisted projects. <br /> <br />(3) <br /> <br />(4) <br /> <br />Sites which are the subject of an application for a <br />discretionary approval, as defined in section 41-668 of <br />this chapter. <br /> <br />city public works construction, as defined in section 421 <br />of the charter. <br /> <br /> (b) This article shall also apply to any landscaped area <br />installed as part of a single-family or two-family home development <br />project if the landscaped area is to be maintained by the associat- <br />ed home owners and exceeds 2,500 square feet in area. <br /> <br /> (c) Existing traditional landscapes are encouraged to be <br />phased out and be replaced with Water efficient (dry climate) <br />landscapes. Standards as provided in the following sections of <br />this article should be followed for the transition to a water <br />conserving landscape. <br /> <br /> (d) This article shall exempt any project with a required <br />landscape area of less than two thousand five hundred (2,500) <br />square feet from requiring a separate water meter and calculation <br />of the Landscape Documentation Package as described in Section 41- <br />1508(1). <br /> <br /> SECTION 2: If any section, subsection, sentence, clause, <br />phrase or portion of this ordinance is for any reason held to be <br />invalid or unconstitutional by the decision of any court of <br />competent jurisdiction, such decision shall not affect the validity <br />of the remaining portions of this ordinance. The city Council of <br />the city of Santa Ana hereby declares that it would have adopted <br /> <br /> <br />