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178 <br /> <br />Public Works, shows that even ii p'ff'O~inent restorationz'M ~e',~ ~,nch'ttself is str :rurally <br />adequate, excavations damage thee- strength and life~.~e~j~'~hent lo0a~ed adj~ :ent to <br />the trench where the excavation c~ccurs. ~tent¢~J~m~ag~to tj~l ~t is <br />magnified when a street is subjec~to~xlx, t~,~ e~cav~ ~__.._~ ted or <br />resurfaced and before the next sch~du~.8~'.L~?fa.~ ~ss of asphalt <br />coating is needed to reconstruct ~e, Lif-il4'ms'g~[n sub' ected to excavations in order to <br />return it to its original strength and quality. <br /> <br /> D. Prior to the adoption of this Ordinance, the City Council reviewed all of the <br />foregoing studies, and recognizes and relies upon the experience reflected therein in <br />support of this Ordinance. Copies of these studies are available for public review upon <br />request. The City Council finds that these studies are relevant to the problems addressed <br />by the City in enacting this Ordinance, and more specifically finds that these studies <br />provide convincing evidence of the significant adverse unavoidable effects of excavations <br />on the City's street system. <br /> <br /> E. The fee imposed by this Ordinance to be paid to help offset the shortened <br />life of the streets that are cut (the "Trench Cut Fee"), provides an incentive that will <br />encourage utilities to minimize excavations in city streets. The fee will also promote <br />better coordination among utilities making excavations in City streets and between these <br />utilities and the City (i) to minimize the number of excavations being made wherever <br />feasible, and (ii) to ensure that excavations are performed, to the maximum extent <br />possible, in streets scheduled for resurfacing within the same or succeeding fiscal year as <br />the excavation. <br /> <br /> F. When an excavation is performed where the Trench Cut Fee is applicable, <br />the entity making and benefiting from the excavation should be required to pay the City a <br />fee that reimburses to the City the value of unavoidably shortened economic life of that <br />street caused by the excavation and the City's increased costs in reconstructing the street, <br />in addition to any other applicable fees or charges. Because the effect of the diminished <br />life caused by excavations decreases with time, the fee should be highest for excavations <br />in newly surfaced streets, and should decrease as the age of the street surface being <br />excavated increases. <br /> <br /> G. Requiring the payment of a fee for excavations not undertaken in <br />coordination with the City's resurfacing program will provide an important incentive for <br />utilities to coordinate their excavations with other utilities and with the City's street <br />resurfacing schedule, to avoid excavations in these streets wherever feasible. <br /> <br /> H. This Ordinance does not conflict with provisions of State law, including, <br />but not limited to, Sections 7901 and 12808 of the Public Utilities Code related to <br />interstate telecommunication franchises because the fees hereunder are not charged for <br /> <br /> <br />