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<br />recreation, or similar purposes (as defined by the FPPC Regulation <br />18944.1, as amended and interpreted from time to time) that is <br />obtained by the City, a) from an outside source, b) acquired by the City <br />pursuant to a contract for use of City owned property, c) for a City <br />controlled event, or d) purchased by the City at fair market value. This <br />definition shall not include a ticket to an event where there is no <br />admission fee, or to civic, political, community and/or cultural activities <br />including, but not limited to, employee recognitions, neighborhood <br />events, state of the city addresses and community prayer programs, <br />unless expressly determined by otherwise by the FPPC or judicial <br />decision. <br /> <br />2. Purpose of Policy. The purpose of this policy is to ensure that all Tickets <br />provided to the City shall be distributed in accordance with Section 18944.1. <br /> <br />3. Limitations. <br /> <br />a. This Policy shall only apply to the City's distribution of Tickets to, or at <br />the behest of, a Designated Official. <br /> <br />b. Tickets provided to a Designated Official as part of their official duties, <br />or tickets provided so that the Designated Official may perform a <br />ceremonial role or function on behalf of the City, shall not be subject to <br />this Policy. These tickets are exempt from any disclosure or reporting <br />requirements. <br /> <br />4. Public Purpose. The City Council hereby finds and determines, in its <br />sound discretion, that the City will accomplish one or more of the following public <br />purposes through distribution of Tickets to Designated Officials, or provided to third <br />persons as the behest of a Designated Official. The list is intended to be illustrative <br />rather than exhaustive of the public purposes that may be served by Designated <br />Officials utilization of Tickets: <br /> <br />a. Economic, employment and business development on behalf of the <br />City and businesses in the City. <br /> <br />b. Promotion of City-controlled or sponsored events, activities, or <br />programs, public facilities and resources. <br /> <br />c. Information gathering and education regarding matters of local, <br />regional and state-wide concern that affect the City including <br />enhancing intergovernmental relations through including attendance at <br />events with or by elected and appointed officials, and their families, <br />from other jurisdictions. <br /> <br />Resolution No 2009-019 <br />Page 2 of4 <br />