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(ROH 08/05/13) <br />ORDINANCE NO. NS-2847 <br />AN ORDINANCE OF THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY <br />OF SANTA ANA AMENDING CHAPTERS 11 AND 41 OF <br />THE SANTA ANA MUNICIPAL CODE TO UPDATE THE <br />CITY'S REGULATION OF ENTERTAINMENT AND <br />ALCOHOL PERMITS AND APPLICATION STANDARDS <br />THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF SANTA ANA DOES ORDAIN AS <br />FOLLOWS: <br />Section 1. The City Council of the City of Santa Ana hereby finds, determines <br />and declares as follows: <br />A. That the judicious regulation of the sale and service of alcohol is <br />necessary to protect the public health, safety and welfare. <br />B. That the City of Santa Ana seeks to be in compliance with the State of <br />California's regulations for the sale and service of alcohol as contained in <br />the Alcoholic Beverage Control Act (Business and Professions Code <br />Section 23000-23047). <br />C. That, after a thorough period of research and public involvement, the <br />following standards have been developed in order to simplify the <br />permitting process for alcohol sales conditional use permits, while <br />maintaining those regulations necessary to provide for public health, <br />safety and welfare. <br />D. The Police Department is currently updating Chapter 11 to create <br />regulations to encompass entertainment establishments. The Department <br />recognizes that the unique entertainment venues within the City serve to <br />provide a rich and diverse cultural experience for individuals and visitors to <br />the City. <br />E. With reduced revenues and the increased growth of nightlife in the city, <br />the Police Department is seeking to support the emerging vibrant uses by <br />developing a strong ordinance to mitigate any negative impacts <br />associated with these venues, and to minimize calls for service while <br />ensuring a reduced fiscal impact on the City. <br />F. Police department data convincingly supports the premise that the City's <br />entertainment establishments routinely generate a greater percentage of <br />police-related calls and require a greater number of police service hours <br />than establishments that do not provide entertainment. <br />Ordinance No. NS-2847 <br />Page 1 of 39