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A. Multi - family Use and Increase in Maximum Number of Residential Units. <br />SD -59 currently allows a maximum of one single family residence per acre <br />of land on the subject parcel. The applicant is requesting an amendment to <br />SD -59 to increase the maximum number of permitted units to 182 as well as <br />allow a multi - family use. Amendments to SD -59 are needed to Part 11.1.j <br />(Permitted Land Uses). <br />B. Establish Multi- Family Residential Parking Ratio. Amendments are needed <br />to establish parking requirements for multi - family residential uses. SD -59 <br />currently does not contain a multi - family parking ratio. As proposed, the <br />project will provide a total of 364 spaces at an overall ratio of 2.0 spaces per <br />unit, regardless of bedroom count, and inclusive of guest parking. Due to <br />the absence of multi - family parking standards contained within SD -59, a <br />ratio must be established. Staff recommends that Part III.A.4 (Development <br />Standards - Parking) of SD -59 be amended to reflect the overall ratio of 2.0 <br />parking spaces per unit inclusive of guest parking. <br />C. Allowance for Tandem Parking to Satisfy Parking Requirement. The Santa <br />Ana Municipal Code contains provisions for tandem parking to satisfy some <br />portion of any required parking, but only for commercial development. SD- <br />59 does not contain any specific standards allowing the use of tandem <br />parking within the project area. The applicant proposes to have 64% of the <br />parking stalls designed as tandem spaces. Thus, SD -59 shall be amended <br />to allow no more than 64% of the overall parking spaces to be in a tandem <br />configuration provided a parking management plan is approved addressing <br />items such as the need to link percentage of tandem with percentage of one - <br />bedroom units. <br />D. Open Space Requirement. The open space provision within SD -59 requires <br />that each residential development provide usable open space at the ground <br />level. The applicant is requesting an amendment to SD -59 in order to allow <br />the required open space to be located on levels other than the ground level. <br />Access to the open space is more ideal in this design because most if not all <br />of the units are located above the parking level(s). Thus, Part III.A.5 <br />(Development Standards -Open Space) shall be amended to allow open <br />space to be located above the ground level. <br />E. Building Height. The overall building height measures 59 feet from the <br />lowest adjacent grade. SD -59 allows a maximum building height of 50 feet <br />consistent with the current development within City Place. Surrounding <br />structures within City Place measure up to 50 feet in height. Other <br />structures outside of City Place include a large parking structure and office <br />building immediately to the north. Thus, Part III.C.1 (Building Height) shall <br />be amended to increase maximum building height to 59 feet and thereby <br />allowing the project as designed and compatible in height with the <br />surrounding area. <br />Ordinance No. NS -2854 <br />Page 2 of 4 <br />