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F. Zoning Ordinance Amendment No. 2013 -02 came before the City Council <br />of the City of Santa Ana for a duly noticed public hearing on March 18, <br />2014, to consider all testimony, written and oral. At that time, the City <br />Council voted to continue the matter. The item returned to the City <br />Council on April 15, 2014. <br />G. The City Council adopts as findings all facts presented in the Request for <br />Council Action dated March 18, 2014 and the Request for Council Action <br />dated April 15, 2014 accompanying this matter. For these reasons, and <br />each of them, Zoning Ordinance Amendment No. 2013 -02 is hereby found <br />and determined to be consistent with the General Plan of the City of Santa <br />Ana and otherwise justified by the public necessity, convenience, and <br />general welfare. <br />H. The Request for Council Action for this ordinance dated March 18, 2014, <br />as well as the Request for Council Action dated April 15, 2014, shall by <br />this reference be incorporated herein, and together with this ordinance, <br />any amendments or supplements and the oral testimony before the City <br />Council at this meeting, shall additionally constitute the necessary findings <br />for this ordinance. <br />I. All provisions of the Santa Ana Municipal Code which are repeated herein <br />are repeated solely in order to comply with the provisions of Section 418 <br />of the City Charter. Any such restatement of existing provisions of the <br />Code is not intended, nor shall it be interpreted, as constituting a new <br />action or decision of the City Council, but rather such provisions are <br />repeated for tracking purposes only in conformance with the Charter. <br />Section 2. Pursuant to the California Environmental Quality Act ( "CEQA ") and <br />the State CEQA Guidelines, the adoption of this ordinance is exempt from CEQA review <br />pursuant to 14 California Code of Regulations section 15061(b)(3), and a Notice of <br />Exemption will be filed upon adoption of this ordinance. <br />Section 3. Section 41 -860 of Chapter 41 of the Santa Ana Municipal Code is <br />hereby amended to read as follows: <br />Sec. 41 -860. General regulations. <br />a) No sign is permitted that: <br />1. Is dangerous or confusing to motorists on the public right -of -way, <br />including any sign which by its color, wording, design, location or <br />illumination resembles or conflicts with any official traffic- control <br />device or which impedes the safe and efficient flow of traffic. <br />Ordinance No, NS -2861 <br />Page 2 of 9 <br />