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(1) "Conference bridging service" means an ancillary service that links two <br />(2) or more participants of an audio or video conference call and may <br />include the provision of a telephone number. Conference bridging service <br />does not include the telecommunications services used to reach the <br />conference bridge. <br />(2) "Detailed telecommunications billing service" means an ancillary service <br />of separately stating information pertaining to individual calls on a <br />customer's billing statement. <br />(3) "Directory assistance" means an ancillary service of providing telephone <br />number information, and /or address information. <br />(4) "Vertical service" means an ancillary service that is offered in connection <br />with one or more telecommunications services, which offers advanced <br />calling features that allow customers to identify callers and to manage <br />multiple calls and call connections, including conference bridging services. <br />(5) "Voice mail service" means an ancillary service that enables the customer <br />to store, send or receive recorded messages. Voice mail service does not <br />include any vertical services that the customer may be required to have in <br />order to utilize the voice mail service. <br />(b) "Billing address" shall mean the mailing address of the service user where <br />the service supplier submits invoices or bills for payment by the customer. <br />(c) "City" shall mean the City of Santa Ana. <br />(d) "Day" shall mean a calendar day. <br />(e) "Gas" shall mean natural or manufactured gas or any alternate hydrocarbon <br />fuel that may be substituted therefore. <br />(f) "Mobile telecommunications service" shall mean commercial mobile radio <br />service, as defined in Section 20.3 of Title 47 of the Code of Federal <br />Regulations and as set forth in the Mobile Telecommunications Sourcing Act <br />(4 U.S.C. Section 124) and the regulations thereunder. <br />(g) "Month" shall mean a calendar month. <br />(h) "Non- utility service supplier" means: <br />(1) a service supplier, other than a supplier of electric distribution services <br />to all or a significant portion of the city, which generates electricity for <br />sale to others, and shall include but is not limited to any publicly -owned <br />electric utility, investor -owned utility, cogenerator, distributed <br />Ordinance No. NS -2860 <br />Page 2 of 13 <br />