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article may submit an application together with a non - refundable processing fee in an <br />amount established by the City Council. Within 60 days after the adoption of this <br />article, the Director shall stop accepting applications and process all applications <br />received. <br />(b) The Director or his or her designee shall determine whether each <br />application demonstrates compliance with this article. Each application that is in <br />compliance with this article shall be placed on the "Qualified Registration Applicant List" <br />and the Director shall notify the applicant in writing that it is a "Qualified Registration <br />Applicant." <br />(c) Once all applications are processed, the Director shall hold an <br />independent selection process ( "lottery") in an open and public location and select 20 <br />applications. The 20 applications chosen through the independent selection process <br />(lottery) will be placed on the "Regulatory Safety Permit ( "RSP ") Eligibility List." Each <br />applicant on the RSP Eligibility List may then choose to file an application for a RSP <br />pursuant to Section 18- 617.2. Applicants identified on the RSP Eligibility List following <br />the February 5, 2015 independent selection process (lottery) must submit a completed <br />RSP application within four (4) months of April 5, 2016 and no later than August 5, <br />2016. Failure to submit a completed RSP application by that deadline will disqualify the <br />applicant from the RSP Eligibility List and the Waitlist described in subsection (d). <br />(d) Qualified Registration Applicants will appear on the "Qualified Registration <br />Applicant List" in the order that they are selected during the independent selection <br />process (lottery). This list is the Waitlist. The Waitlist will become active if (1) an <br />applicant on the RSP Eligibility List is disqualified from that List; (2) a location appearing <br />on the RSP Eligibility List becomes available; or (3) a location not appearing on the <br />RSP Eligibility List becomes available. A Qualified Registration Applicant's ability to <br />move from the Waitlist to the RSP Eligibility List is determined by the applicant's <br />proposed medical marijuana collective location and the applicant's position on the <br />Waitlist. <br />(e) A Qualified Registration Applicant that moves from the Waitlist to the RSP <br />Eligibility List must submit a completed RSP application within six (6) months following <br />issuance of a written notice advising the applicant of that opportunity. Failure to submit <br />a completed RSP application by that deadline will disqualify the applicant from the RSP <br />Eligibility List and the Waitlist. <br />(f) The Director shall maintain the Waitlist and update it on an annual basis. <br />A Qualified Registration Applicant on that Waitlist must submit a written request each <br />year to maintain its status on the Waitlist. The Director may place new applicants on the <br />Waitlist in the order in which the new registration applications are received. <br />Section 4. Section 18- 617.01 entitled "Cooperative /Collective regulatory safety <br />permit" of Chapter 18 of the Santa Ana Municipal Code is hereby amended to change <br />the numbering of this code section and to add subsection (d) as follows: <br />Ordinance No. NS -2896 <br />Page 2 of 6 <br />