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the meaning of Section 609 of the City Charter, except that as to any office, department, <br />or agency of the City for which more than one program is designated in Section 2 <br />(General Fund Operating Budget) of the Budget, the aggregate expenditure authorized <br />for all programs in Section 2 of each such office, department, or agency shall be <br />deemed to be an appropriation for a single object and purpose within the meaning of <br />Section 609 of the City Charter. <br />Section 3. The appropriations hereby made shall constitute the maximum <br />expenditures authorized for the several offices, agencies, and departments opposite <br />which the amounts of such appropriations are shown in the Budget. <br />Section 4. No warrant shall be issued or indebtedness incurred for any <br />purpose that exceeds the unexpended balance of the appropriations established by this <br />ordinance, unless such appropriation shall have been amended or supplemented by the <br />City Council in the manner set forth in Section 609 of the City Charter. The City <br />Manager is hereby authorized to make revisions between the items included within any <br />such appropriation if, in his opinion, such revisions are necessary and proper. <br />Section 5. In accordance with Governmental Accounting Standards Board <br />Statement 54, the City Manager or his designee is hereby authorized, as of the date of <br />this ordinance, to allocate assigned governmental funds' balances to specific programs <br />and activities as deemed necessary and proper. <br />Section 6. The Executive Director of Finance and Management Services is <br />hereby authorized to transfer monies in accordance with the Interfund Transfers listed in <br />the Budget in such amounts and at such times during the fiscal year as he may <br />determine necessary to the competent operation and control of City business, except <br />that no such transfer shall be made in contravention of State law or City ordinance or <br />exceed in total the amount stated herein or as amended by the City Council. <br />Section 7. One certified copy of this appropriation ordinance together with a <br />certified copy of each amendment thereto shall be transmitted by the Clerk of the <br />Council to the Executive Director of Finance and Management Services. <br />Section 8. The City Council of the City of Santa Ana hereby adopts the <br />updated Seven -Year Capital Improvement Program, as set forth in the 2016-2017 City <br />Budget. <br />Section 9. Upon and from the effective date of this ordinance, expenditures of <br />monies appropriated hereby are authorized beginning July 1, 2016. <br />Section 10. The Clerk of the Council shall cause the title of this ordinance to be <br />published as required by law. <br />Ordinance No. NS -2900 <br />Page 2 of 4 <br />