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jmf 12-13-16 <br />G. The City now wishes to enact specific procedures consistent with Resolution <br />No. 2016-086 and the City's commitment to social justice and inclusion. <br />Section 2. Purpose and Intent. The City of Santa Ana is one of the most <br />ethnically, racially, and religiously diverse cities in the United States, with immigrants <br />comprising approximately 46 percent of the City's population. The City has long derived <br />its strength and prosperity from its diverse community, including those who identify as <br />immigrants, and prides itself on their achievements. The cooperation of the City's <br />immigrants is essential to advancing the City's mission, vision, and guiding principles, <br />including community safety, support for youth and education, economic development, <br />and financial stability. Through the City's commitment to social justice and inclusion, <br />one of the City's most important objectives is to enhance its relationship with all its <br />residents, including immigrants. Due to the City's limited resources, the complexity of <br />federal civil immigration laws, the need to promote trust and cooperation from the <br />public, including immigrants, and to attain the City's objectives, the City Council finds <br />that there is a need to clarify the communication and enforcement relationship between <br />the City and the federal government. The purpose of this ordinance is to establish the <br />City's procedures concerning immigration status and enforcement of federal civil <br />immigration laws. <br />Section 3. Requesting or Maintaining Information Prohibited. No City <br />agency, department, officer, employee, or agent shall request or maintain information <br />about sensitive information about any person except as provided in this ordinance. <br />Sensitive information includes any information that may be considered sensitive or <br />personal by nature, including a person's status as a victim of domestic abuse or sexual <br />assault; status as a victim or witness to a crime generally; citizenship or immigration <br />status; status as a recipient of public assistance; sexual orientation; biological sex or <br />gender identity; or disability. <br />Section 4. Disclosing Information Prohibited. No City agency, department, <br />officer, employee, or agent shall disclose sensitive information about any person except <br />as provided in this ordinance. <br />Section 5. Exceptions to Prohibitions. The prohibitions in Sections 3 and 4 <br />of this ordinance shall not apply where the individual to whom such information pertains <br />provides his or her consent (or if such individual is a minor, the consent of that person's <br />parent or guardian), where the information or disclosure is necessary to provide a City <br />service, or where otherwise required by state or federal law orjudicial decision. <br />Section 6. Use of City Resources Prohibited. No City agency, department, <br />officer, employee, or agent shall use City funds, resources, facilities, property, <br />equipment, or personnel to assist in the enforcement of federal immigration law, unless <br />such assistance is required by any valid and enforceable federal or state law or is <br />contractually obligated. Nothing in this Section shall prevent the City, including any <br />agency, department, officer, employee, or agent of the City, from lawfully discharging <br />his or her duties in compliance with and in response to a lawfully issued judicial warrant <br />orsubpoena. <br />Ordinance No. NS -2908 <br />Page 2 of 5 <br />