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Sec. 8 -183 Grading Permit Exemptions (Volume 2, Appendix J, Section J103.2). <br />Section J103.2 is amended to read as follows: <br />Section J103.2. Exemptions: A grading permit shall not be required for the <br />following: <br />1. Grading of less than 50 cubic yards in an isolated, self- contained area, <br />provided there is no danger to the public, and that such grading will not adversely <br />affect adjoining properties. <br />2. Excavation for construction of a structure permitted under this code <br />3. Cemetery graves. <br />4. Refuse disposal sites controlled by other regulations. <br />5. Excavations for wells, or trenches for utilities. <br />6. Mining, quarrying, excavating, processing or stockpiling rock, sand, gravel, <br />aggregate or clay controlled by other regulations, provided such operations do <br />not affect the lateral support of, or significantly increase stresses in, soil on <br />adjoining properties. <br />7. Exploratory excavations performed under the direction of a registered design <br />professional. <br />8. An excavation of less than 50 cubic yards that (1) is less than 2 feet in depth <br />or (2) does not create a cut slope greater than 5 feet in height and steeper than 1 <br />unit vertical in 2 units horizontal (50 percent slope). <br />9. A fill less than 1 foot in depth and placed on natural terrain with a slope flatter <br />than 1 unit vertical in 5 units horizontal (20% slope), or less than 3 feet in depth, <br />not intended to support structures, that does not exceed 50 cubic yards on any <br />one lot and does not obstruct a drainage course. <br />Exemption from the permit requirements of this appendix shall not be deemed to <br />grant authorization for any work to be done in any manner in violation of the <br />provisions of this code or any other laws or ordinances of this jurisdiction. <br />SECTION 4: Section 8 -290 of the Santa Ana Municipal Code is hereby amended such <br />that it reads as follows: <br />Sec. 8 -290. Adoption by reference. <br />Ordinance No. NS -2905 <br />Page 3 of 31 <br />