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and vocational schools with a floor area ratio of 0.5 to 1.0 and Medium Density <br />Residential (MR -15) Low Density Residential (LR -7), which allows for residential <br />uses at densities of up to 15 units per acre. In order to facilitate the construction <br />of a 57 -unit supportive housing project with a floor area ratio of 1.3, the land use <br />designation needs to be changed to Urban Neighborhood (UN), which allows for <br />a mix of residential uses and housing types, such as mid to low rise multiple <br />family, townhouses, single family dwellings; with some opportunities for live - <br />work, neighborhood serving retail and service, public space and use, and other <br />amenities with a floor area ratio of 0.5 to 3.0. <br />2. The proposed project will support several goals and policies of the General <br />Plan. First, the project is consistent with Housing Element Goal 2, to create <br />diversity of quality housing, affordability levels, and living experiences that <br />accommodate Santa Ana's residents and workforce of all household types, <br />income levels, and age groups to foster an inclusive community. The project will <br />provide 56 -affordable rental housing units and one (1) onsite property <br />manager's unit which supports Housing Element Goal 3, increased <br />opportunities for low and moderate income individuals and families to find <br />quality housing opportunities and afford a greater choice of rental or <br />homeownership opportunities. The supportive housing project is in line with <br />Housing Element Goal 4, to provide adequate rental and ownership housing <br />opportunities and supportive services for seniors, people with disabilities, <br />families with children, and people needing emergency, transitional, or <br />supportive housing. Further, the project is consistent with several Housing <br />Element policies; Policy HE -2.3 to encourage construction of rental housing for <br />the city's residents and workforce; Policy HE -3.4 to support the provision of <br />employment training, childcare services, rental assistance, youth services, and <br />other community services that enable households to attain the greatest level of <br />self-sufficiency and independence; Policy HE -4.4 to support the provision of <br />supportive services and service -enriched housing for persons with special <br />needs, such as seniors, disabled people, homeless people, families, veterans <br />and people with medical conditions; Policy HE -4.6 to partner with community <br />service organizations that address the needs of homeless people, including <br />housing linked with case management, employment, physical, mental health, <br />substance abuse, and other services. <br />F. The City Council has weighed and balanced the General Plan's policies, both <br />new and old, and has determined that based upon this balancing that General <br />Plan Amendment No. 2017-01 is consistent with the purpose of the general plan. <br />Section 2. The City Council has reviewed and considered the information <br />contained in the initial study and the negative declaration (ND), Environmental Review <br />No. 2017-24, prepared with respect to this project. The City Council has, as a result of <br />its consideration and the evidence presented at the hearings on this matter, determined <br />that, as required pursuant to the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) and the <br />State CEQA Guidelines, a ND adequately addresses the expected environmental <br />impacts of this project. On the basis of this review, the City Council finds that there is no <br />evidence from which it can be fairly argued that the project will have a significant <br />Resolution No. 2017-044 <br />Page 2 of 6 <br />