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(b) Small Lot Frontage and Access. <br />(1) Each individual small lot containing a dwelling or live -work unit shall have <br />frontage on a public street or alley, or be provided with direct access to <br />a public street or alley by an easement for access through the <br />recorded subdivision map. <br />(2) Small lots are exempt from frontage requirements set forth in Section 34- <br />56 of this Code. <br />(3) Areas within the small lot subdivision identified as points of shared access, <br />walkways, drive aisles shall not be restricted by the construction of <br />fences or walls, or other such barriers. <br />(c) Minimum Lot Size. <br />(1) Each small lot containing a dwelling unit shall have at minimum one <br />thousand (1,000) square feet of lot area. <br />(2) The calculation for minimum lot size shall not include any portion of the <br />small lot that is designated or used as shared space. <br />(d) Lot Coverage. No more than seventy (70%) percent of the small lot shall be <br />covered by structures. <br />(e) Required Yards. <br />(1)The front, side, and rear yard building setback requirements of the <br />underlying zone, specific plan, or overlay shall apply to the required <br />yards of the development site. <br />(2) No minimum separation between buildings shall be required along interior <br />lot lines created within an approved subdivision. <br />(3) Buildings on small lots that are placed in such a manner that they abut <br />common open space or the private open space of an adjacent lot shall <br />be set back a minimum of five (5) feet and provide an appropriate <br />stepback to preserve privacy and reduce the massing of multi -story <br />buildings. <br />(f) Open Space. <br />(1) Individual small lots shall provide, at minimum, three hundred (300) <br />square feet of private open space per dwelling unit as follows: <br />Ordinance No. NS -2937 <br />Page 3 of 6 <br />