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REQUEST FOR <br />COUNCIL ACTION <br />CITY COUNCIL MEETING DATE: <br />JANUARY 7, 2021 <br />TITLE: <br />APPROPRIATE $250,000 OF GENERAL <br />FUND RESERVE FOR IMPLEMENTATION <br />OF COVID-19 TESTING AND <br />VACCINATIONS AND AUTHORIZE THE <br />CITY MANAGER TO EXECUTE <br />AGREEMENTS WITH QUALIFIED VENDORS <br />FOR THESE SERVICES (TOTAL FUNDING <br />NOT TO EXCEED $750,000) <br />CITY MANAGER <br />RECOMMENDED ACTION <br />CLERK OF COUNCIL USE ONLY: <br />❑ As Recommended <br />❑ As Amended <br />❑ Ordinance on 1st Reading <br />❑ Ordinance on 2nd Reading <br />❑ Implementing Resolution <br />❑ Set Public Hearing For_ <br />CONTINUED TO <br />FILE NUMBER <br />1. Approve an appropriation adjustment to allocate $250,000 of General Fund Reserves for <br />expenditures in response to COVID-19. <br />2. Direct the City Attorney to finalize and authorize the City Manager to enter into negotiations, <br />execute agreements, and approve any other required actions necessary with various <br />service providers, contractors, and sub -recipients for COVID-19 testing and vaccine <br />distribution. <br />DISCUSSION <br />As of the 4th of this month, our City had 32,077 total confirmed positive cases and 380 individuals <br />have lost their life. City efforts to provide assistance to our community were primarily funded by <br />Federal Coronavirus Relief Funds, commonly referred as CARES dollars, provided by the State of <br />California. These funds created multiple assistance programs under the Santa Ana CARES <br />umbrella; unfortunately, the funding was exhausted last month. With those dollars, the City of <br />Santa Ana was able to be at the forefront of providing services to our community including testing, <br />access to health information, personal protective equipment, isolation and over $10 million in direct <br />financial assistance. <br />The depletion of these funds caused the City of Santa Ana to pause many of the programs including <br />local COVID-19 testing. While other COVID-19 testing options are still available from health care <br />agencies and clinics including the Anaheim Convention Center, OC Fairgrounds and through the <br />mail, an interest has been expressed to provide easily accessible testing locally for our residents. <br />