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Banuelos, Lynda <br />From: <br />Sent: <br />To: <br />Cc: <br />Subject: <br />Attachments: <br />Dale Helvig <br />Resident, Ward 3 <br /> <br />November 14, 2021 <br />Dale Helvig < <br />Sunday, November 14, 2021 10:52 PM <br />eComment; eComment; Sarmiento, Vicente; Phan, Thai; Penaloza, David; Lopez, Jessie; <br />Bacerra, Phil; Hernandez, Jose; Mendoza, Nelida <br />Ridge, Kristine; Carvalho, Sonia R.; Mendoza, Steven; Thai, Minh <br />2021-11-15 Letter to City Council - Redistricting <br />2921-11-14 Letter to City Council.pdf <br />Mayor Sarmiento and Santa Ana City Councilmembers <br />City of Santa Ana <br />20 Civic Center Plaza, 81" Floor <br />Santa Ana CA 92702 <br />Subject: Redistricting <br />The draft maps are out and, as included in the presentation, the proposed plans are written to spark more <br />public engagement. As such, I would like to present my input for your consideration. <br />You will see that this proposal meets the Fair Maps Act criteria laid out in the staff presentation. <br />• Relatively equal size - people, not citizens <br />• Contiguous — districts should not hop/jump <br />• Maintain "communities of interest" <br />• Follow city and census designated place boundaries <br />• Keep districts compact — appearance/function <br />Please consider the attached proposal. It has a substantially lower deviation than Redistricting Partners. <br />Thank you for your thoughtful consideration, <br /> <br />Dale A Helvig <br />Resident, Santa Ana <br />1 <br />