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ORDINANCE NO. N$-357 CHANGING THE BOUNDAHF LINES OF <br />THE WARDS OF THE CITY OF SANTA ANA, ESTABLISHING NEW <br />WARD BOUNDARIES ~D REPEALING SECTIONS 2100 AND 2106 <br />THROUGH 2106.5, BOTH INCLUSIVE <br /> <br />THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF SANTA ANA DOES ORDAIN AS FOLLOWS: <br /> <br /> SECTION 1. That after complying with the provisions of Section <br />101.4 and to satisfy the requirements of Section 101.2 of the Charter <br />of tine City of Santa Ana, the boundary lines of the Wards in said <br />City are hereby changed to and are established as hereinbelow set out: <br /> <br /> "WARD NO. 1. <br /> <br /> The boundary of Ward No. i begins at the intersection <br /> of the center line of North Main with the Northerly City <br /> boundary line on the East side of ~'orth Main, and runs <br /> thence Southerly along Main to Nineteenth; thence Westerly <br /> along Nineteenth to Broadway; Southerly along Broadway to <br /> Fifth; thence Westerly along Fifth to Ross; thence Southerly <br /> along Ross to Second; thence Easterly along Second to <br /> Broadway; thence Southerly along Broadway to Pine; thence <br /> Easterly along Pine to Maple; thence Southerly along Maple <br /> to Camile; thence Westerly along Cmmile to Orange; thence <br /> Southerly along Orange to Bishop; thence Easterly along <br /> Bishop to Hallad~ ; thence Southerly along Halladay to <br /> McFadden; thence Easterly along ~cFadden to the Easterly <br /> City boundary line; thence Northerly and following the City <br /> boundary line around the Northeasterly part of Sauta Ana <br /> to the point of beginning. <br /> WARD NO. 2. <br /> <br /> The boundary of Ward No. 2 begins at the intersection <br /> of the center line of ~ci~adden with the Easterly City bound- <br /> ary line, and runs thence Westerly along McFadden to <br /> <br /> Ha lladay; thence Northerly along Halladay to Bishop; thence <br /> Westerly along Bishop to Orange; thence Nortbarlyalong Orsnge <br /> to Castile; thence Easterly along Camile to M~le; thence <br /> Nort~erly along Maple to Pine; thence Westerly along Pine <br /> to Broadway; thence Northerly along Broadway to Second; <br /> <br /> <br />