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ORDINANCE NO. NS 362 PROVIDING FOR THE HOLDING OF A <br />GENERAL MUNICIPAL ELECTION IN ~tE CITY OF SANTA ANA, <br />CALIFORNIA, ON THE 7TH DAY OF APRI L, 1959, FOR THE <br />ELECTION OF CITY OFFICERS OF SAID CITY, GIVING NOTICE <br />OF SAID ELECTION, DESIGNATING Tm POLLING PLACES, THE <br />HOURS DURING WHICH THE POLLS SHALL BE OPENED, THE OF- <br />FICERS TO BE ELECTED, AND APPOINTING ELECTION OFFICERS <br />TO SERVE AT SAID ELECTION <br /> <br />and shall be held in <br />of California, by the <br />on April 7, 1959. <br /> <br />THE CITY COUNCIL OF ~tE CITY OF SANTA ANADOES ORDAIN AS FOLLOWS: <br /> <br /> SECTION 1. That a general municipal election is hereby called <br /> <br /> the City of Santa Ana, ~ounty of Or, ge, State <br /> <br /> qualified registered electors of said City <br /> <br /> SECTION 2. There shall be 58 voting precincts, 57 of which <br /> shall be within the territo~al limits of the City of Santa Ana, <br /> consisting of the regular voting precinct or a consolidation of two <br /> or more such orecincts last established. Precinct No. 58 shall con- <br /> sist of that portion of the Santa Ana School District, Santa Ana <br /> High School District, and Santa Aha Junior College District lying <br /> outside the corporate limits of the City of Santa Ana for the pur- <br /> pose of voting only on the two members of the Board of Education. <br /> <br /> SECTION 3. That the precinct board of each precinct shall <br /> consist of one inspector, or~ Judge, and two clerks; that the con- <br /> solidated voting precincts, the polling places thereof, and the <br /> election boards for each shall be as set out on that certain document <br /> headed "NOTICE OF ELECTION OFP'ICERS AND POLLING PL~.CES" on file in <br /> <br />· the offibe of the Clerk of the Council, and the boards of each of said <br /> consolidated voting precincts are hereby appointed. The Clerk of <br /> the Council is hereby authorized to find and appoint substitutes for <br /> any election officer hereby appointed that is unable or unwilling to <br /> act. <br /> <br /> Precinct election officers shall receive the following compensa- <br /> tion: Inspectors, $21.00; all others ~18.00 for their work as such <br /> officers; owners of privately owned polling places shall receive the <br /> sum of $9.00 for the use of each polling place. <br /> <br /> <br />