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%E~Ei%~hS, the Planning Con~ission has given notice of and duly <br />held a public hearing on i~endment 335, initiated by said Con~ission, <br />to prezone certain territory in the 'Fairhaven and Esplanade ?~est <br />.Anne~" and the "vanderlip and ~[ewport ~orthwest Annexation" areas, <br />which areas are generally known as the Eorth Tustin area, generally <br />bounded by the proposed East-~iest Garden Grove Freeway and Fairhaven <br />Street, East of ¥orba Stree~ on the l~ort'h; ~%ewport Boulevard on the <br />East; First Street and Santa Clara Avenue, %~est of Yorba Street, on <br />the South; and Santiago Avenue on the West; and <br /> <br />the Planning Co~*aission has recorpanended that in <br /> <br />accordance with Sections 9224 and 9225 of the Santa Aha !iunicipal <br /> <br />Code the Prezoning i~ap entitled 'E.'dhibit AA 335 ~" be adopted, pre- <br /> <br />zoning the areas included in ~%ese annexations as follows: <br /> <br />Fairhaven and Esplanade ~est Annexation <br /> <br />Ail County pro?erty <br /> zoned ~1 be prezoned to <br /> <br /> 30-E4 " <br /> 100-E~ " <br /> <br /> ~O-A1- 7,200 <br /> 70-~-10,000 <br /> 30-RE-10,000 <br />iO0-RE-iO,000 <br /> <br />Vanderlip and Newport [iorthwest Annexation <br /> <br />Ail County property <br />zoned A1 be prezoned to <br /> <br /> 100-E4 <br /> <br /> i13 <br /> 100-C2-20,00~ <br /> <br />G0-A1- 7,200 <br />70-RE-!0,000 <br />100-RE-10,000 <br />100-RE-10,000 <br /> 50-kE- 7,200 <br />100-C2-20,000 <br />; <br /> <br />and <br /> <br /> %.~H~%S, the City Council regularly held a public hearin~ on <br />said ~uestion and does now find that public necessity, convenience <br /> <br /> prezonln~ hereinabove <br />and general welfare require the adoption of the ' ~ ' ~ <br /> <br />designated. <br /> <br /> o~%~,T~ i{~A DOES <br />lqO%[, 'I'iqEREFOlqE, Ti{E CITY COu~JCIL OF THE Ci;~Y O.F <br /> <br />OR33AIE AS FOLLOUS: <br /> <br />-1- <br /> <br /> <br />