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ORDINANCE NO. NS-~05 PROVIDilqG FOR TEI, LPOI~A/{Y <br />WATEP, ~qD S~-'WER CONNECTIO~ OITfSIDE OF CITY TO <br />AR~ T~4PO~ILY BA~D FROM ~TION BY <br />STATE S TAT~i'E <br /> <br />THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF SA~I~A A~IA DOES OtLDAIi~ AS <br /> <br />FOLLOWS: <br /> <br />SECTION 1. ~l~at a new Section to be numbered 7506 is hereby <br /> <br />added to the Santa Ana Municipal Code in words and figures as <br /> <br />follows: <br /> <br />"SECTION 7506. Temporary Water and Sewer Connection to <br /> Land Barred from Annexation. <br /> <br />Land contiguous to the City which is barred from annex- <br />ation to the City by any provision of the Annexation <br />Statutes of the State of California which, by reason of <br />nature of the bar, appears to be, and is declared by the <br />City Manager to be, of a temporary nature may be <br />permitted temporary connection to the City water mains <br />and/or sewerage system upon meeting all of the following <br />conditions: <br /> <br />1.) ~i~e record owner or owners of such land shall enter <br />into an agreement with the City, and the Director of <br />Public Works of City is hereby designated as the agent cf <br />City to sign such agreement for and on behalf of City, <br />agreeing to comply with all existing City regulations <br />and all regulations thereafter adopted controlling <br />connections with or service through such City facilities <br />and such temporary connections and service. <br /> <br />2.) Said agreement shall provide that owner will make <br />such deposits as are required to cover City expense~in <br />providing, extending, connecting and/or metering of the <br />service sought by owner, and that said owne~ or his <br />successors in interest, will pay for any services rendered <br />or water delivered through said connections at the rates <br />fixed by City. <br /> <br />3.) Said agreement shall provide that a violation of the <br />terms of said agreement or a failure of said land to <br />annex to the City within a reasonable time after removal <br />of the condition barring annexation shall result in the <br />discontinuance of sewerage service and water service <br />rendered under said agreement, and that at the end of <br />thirty days notice said services shall be physically <br />disconnected by removal of a part of the lines through <br />which service had been rendered or water served to the <br />property failing to comply with said agreement or failing <br />to annex as herein provided for. <br /> <br />4.) Said agreement shall refer to this Section in its <br />language, and notice of impending termination of service <br />shall be given by Registered ~il to the owner and/or <br />occupant of the property, if their addresses be known, <br />and by posting a copy of the notice on the property to <br />be affected. <br /> <br />-1- <br /> <br /> <br />