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0~DINAN~E NO. NS-506 AMENDING ~ECTION 3212.2 OF T~ <br />SANTA ANA MUNICIPAL CODE TO ADD VAN NE~S S'~ <br />CUL-DE-SAC TO LY~T OF STEEET8 ~ DIAGONAL PARKING <br /> <br /> ~ the curb radius of the V~u Ness Street cul-de-sac in Tract No. 1184 is <br />larger than the normal etanS~wd~ and that the residents around the cul-de-sac, desire <br />angle parking~ and <br /> <br /> W~EA~ angle parking can be provided to maintain adequate room for passenger cars <br />to make a "U"-turn; and <br /> <br /> W~EA~ the City Council regularly held a public hearing on said proposed angle <br />parking and does now find that public necessity~ convenience and general welfare ~ill <br />accrue from the angle parking. <br /> <br /> NOW, ','~t~0RE, THE CITY COUNCIL OF T~ CITY OF SANTA ANA DOES 0RDA~N A~ FOLLOW~: <br /> <br /> ~ECTION 1. ~ub-seetion (k) to Section 3212.2 is added to the Santa Aua ~nicipal <br />Code as follows: <br /> <br /> Van Ness Street; ~round the cul-de-sac in Tract No. 1184~ seven ~ugle <br /> stalls are established. <br /> <br />meeting held on the 20th <br /> <br /> '' ~lerk oi~ t~e 0Ouncil <br /> <br /> OF <br />~ OF O~GE ) SS <br /> <br />PA~ED A~D ADOPTED by the Oity Council of the City of Santa Aua at its regularl <br /> <br /> day of February ~961. <br /> <br /> I~ NL~RION SUTTIIE~.~ do hereby certify that I am the Clerk of the Council of the <br /> <br />City of Santa Aua~ California; that the foregoing Ordinance was regularly introduced at <br /> <br />its regular meeting held on the 6th ,day of February 1961~ and was again <br /> <br />considered by said CoUncil at its regular meeting held on the 20th ~day of February <br />1961~ and was at said meeting ~gularly passed and adopted by said CoUncil by the <br />following vote~ to-wit: <br /> <br /> <br />