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City of Santa Ana 20 Cavic Center Plaza (M-19), Santa Ana, CA127O2 Plumbing <br />Permit Counter: (714',647-5800 lnspection Requests: (714) 667-2738 lnspector Section: (714) 647-5853 <br />Permit #: 302421118 <br />Pin #: 60635 <br />Proiect Address: 1911 S Oranoe Ave <br />Assessor'sParcel: 403-173-13 Lot: POR 1 <br />Unit: <br />Block: G <br />Eldg: <br />Tract 284 <br />Address Range: <br />Historic: No <br />Suite Range: <br />Zoning: Ri <br />Phone <br />Tenant Name: <br />Griselda Oropez <br />,I911 ORANGE <br />Orange, CA 92869 <br />(818) 884-s1ss <br />Owner-Builder <br />Owner: <br />Address <br />Conlractor <br />Address: <br />01116002 51602 <br />01116002 5't60C <br />01 1 16002 5160i <br />01116002 5777C <br />Amount <br />7.48 <br />23.79 <br />59.30 <br />4.05 <br />Fee <br />$22.U <br />$23.79 <br />$59.30 <br />$4.05 <br />Qty <br />3.00 <br />1.00 <br />1.00 <br />1.00 <br />Phone <br />State Lic #: <br />Lic Type: <br />Bus. Lic f: <br />Workers' Compensalion lnsurance: <br />Carrier: <br />Policy #: <br />Expiresl <br />gotch+!580{7 - Z/S/?OZ| I0: 6g_176gglHoffice! CTYII Tronsi: 55 3 of j ' <br />A(ct3: Reftr 302{iglit - <br />Fcpt9:03183253 - Z/glZA2t l2!30 ph <br />Tronsoct ioo Total tSSl.12 <br />Gr iseldo 0ropez <br />Generol Plon Lbdet e Fre <br />ul I1600?- t1600000- <br />l't icrof i li & Oocu €nts <br />011t6002- 5777000[- <br />Plurb ins <br />01116( :12- 5l6020trtr- <br />(:osh <br />(:honse <br />Building l,.Jse: <br />Job Type: <br />Nature of Work: <br />Planning Conditions: <br />Planning Approval B!,1 <br />Plan Checked By: <br />Permit lssued By: <br />Subjecl to Field: <br />Single Family Dwelling <br />Miscellaneous <br />N/V-Demo <br />Occupancy: <br />Constr Type: <br />Code: <br />R-3 <br />VB <br />cPc 2019 Noles Cap unpermitted plumbing. <br />".( <br />Date <br />Oate <br />Date <br />Misc- Receipt: <br />Misc. Receipt: <br />Misc. Receipt: <br />Total <br />Zuniga, Alli <br />Buirdins Permir #: 102105844 <br />Ewry petmit issued she becorne invalid unless the wo* on tho sile <br />authonzed by such pemit is commenced withih 360 d€ys after its <br />issuahca. or if the work aulhotized on tha site by such pemit is suspended <br />ot abandonod fot a penod ol 360 days afrer the tirne lhe wod< is <br />comfitonegcl <br />02t04t2021 <br />Accountf <br />$109.58 <br />$0.00 <br />$109.58 <br />lnspector MID#: 202'l-164142 <br />01 1 16002 51600 <br />0't 1 16002 51602 <br />01 116002 57770 <br />$23.79 <br />$81 .74 <br />$4.05 <br />Fee Total <br />Paid to Date: <br />Balance Due; <br />c <br />Fee Type <br />Cap Fixtures <br />General Plan Update <br />lssuance <br />Microlilm Records <br />t23.?9 <br />t4.05 <br />,81 .71 <br />1900, t2(tt9,0u)