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Project Address: 130 W Central Ave <br />Lol NA <br />U,rrl Bldg Address Range Suate Range <br />Zonrng M1Block NA Tracl NA llrslonc No <br />City nf Santa Anu 20crvrc center Plaza(M-19), sanla Ana, cAg2Toz Building <br />Permrt Counter: (714) 647-5800 lnspeclron Requesls: \7141667-2738 lnspector Section: (714\ 647-5853 <br />Permit #: 1Ol l03630 <br />,.1 Pin #: 3o36s <br />Burlding Use Commorcial Occupancy. B 1st FL Area <br />Job Type Reroof Constr Type V B 2nd FL Area <br />Nature o, Work Reroof Code CBC 2019 OtherAreas <br />Exrstrng Bldg & Use. Commerclal/Oftices Flood Zoner X{602320278J <br />Garage Area <br />Proposed use f of Storres Total o <br />Desctiption of Work: Reroo, w/t.o.-Remove BUR roof, reuss (e) shothing and apply singls ply PVCrhandout givs/auth on file <br />Planning Conditions: <br />Patrol <br />T I Area <br />Yards Req'd <br />Valuation:$25,000.00 <br />Phone <br />Tgnant <br />Conlractor Hoyt Rooh lnc <br />Address: 1809 N Orangothorpe Park <br />Anaholm, CA 92807Phone: 17111773-1820 <br />Slale Lic f 5O5l1l <br />Lic Type C-61, C-2, C.39, O-24 <br />Bus Lrc # 151673 <br />Workers' Compensalion lnsurance:Carrier Arnerican Zurich ln3urance Comp: <br />PolEy * WCi125805 <br />Exprres: 12lX1l2O2O <br />Engineer <br />Address <br />Phoner <br />License # <br />Plannrng Approval By. <br />Plan Checked By <br />Permit lssued By <br />NPDES lnsp. Req'd: <br />PWA lnsp Req'd. <br />Plannrng lnsp. Req'd: <br />Landscaping lnsp Req'd <br />Solo, Ricardo Date.05/1912020 <br />Date <br />Date 05r'19/2020 <br />Subject to Freld. <br />Misc Receipt <br />Misc. Receipt <br />Misc. Receipl <br />07715002 <br />07775002 <br />07776002 <br />07715002 <br />07116002 <br />57501 <br />57770 <br />5t672 <br />51600 <br />57601 <br />Permit Fee <br />Microrilm Records <br />Bldg. Stds Revolvrng <br />General Plan Update <br />lssuanceNo <br />No <br />No <br />No <br />Frre lnsp Req'd <br />Police lnsp. Recl'd <br />No <br />No Accolnt#Total <br />Flood Zone Cert Req'd No <br />Every pcnnl $sued shall bccafire mvalid unless lhe worr( on li€ srle a ulhgrized by <br />such perm s commenced * tin 360 days elta. tts issuerrce or I ltte wo.l( sutlafizocl <br />on tf,e sfte by st/rch pomtl s suspende<l o, abandoned fot a peiod 01360 days eier <br />lhc lmc lhe work $ cornmenccal <br />Inspector MID#: 2020-158859 <br />Fee Totat <br />Paid to Date <br />Balance Due <br />$418 12 <br />$0 00 <br />$418.12 <br />01116002 s1600 <br />01 116002 51601 <br />011',r6002 5'r6r 2 <br />011 16002 57770 <br />$22 95 <br />$390.26 <br />$1 00 <br />s3 91 <br />1 <br />Assessor's Parcel 410-391-05 <br />Owner <br />Address <br />Avia Budget Group <br />4200 Campug <br />Nowport Boach, CA 92660 <br />19491 4744077 <br />Budget-Rent-A-Car <br />Architect / <br />Desrqner <br />Address <br />Phone <br />Lrcense #: <br />Hernandez, Kathy <br />$333 06 <br />53 91 <br />$1 00 <br />$22 95 <br />$57.20