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City of Santa Ana 20 Civic Center Plaza (M-19), Santa Ana, cA 92702 <br />Permit Counter (714) 647-5800 lnspection Requests (714) 667-2738 lnspector Section (714) 647-5853 <br />Electrical Permit #: 20{6949E-+- <br />Pin #: {5884 <br />Assessor'sParcel 405-062-02 Lot: 2 <br />Unit: <br />Block 5 <br />Bldg Address Range: ,t 504-1506 <br />Tract: PACIFIC ELECTRICt{astoric: Yes <br />Phone <br />Tenant Name <br />Minh Pham <br />I5(N W sTH ST <br />Santa Ane, CA 927032949 <br />(714) 313-1671 <br />Stephen Wayne Cavenee <br />1891 Lincoln St <br />Orange, CA 92665 <br />17141974-7063 <br />01116002 51603 <br />011r600251603 <br />01 1 16002 51600 <br />01 1 16002 51603 <br />Phone <br />State Lic *: 457884 <br />Lic Type: C-10 <br />Bus. Lic #. 3/f4306 <br />Workers' Compensation lnsurance:Carrier: Exempt <br />Policy #: <br />Expires: <br />Building Use <br />Job Typel <br />Nature of Work <br />Fourplex <br />Misc€llaneou3 <br />Common Meter <br />Date: OBl22l2O19 <br />R-2 <br />VB <br />cEc 2016 Notes: Common meter to service laundry (@ 1504 W 5th <br />Street, A-O). <br />Planning Approval By Orozco lvan <br />Plan Checked By <br />Permit lssued By <br />Subjecl to Field: <br />Building Permit # <br />04t22J2019 <br />Account# <br />T e <br />e <br />Date <br />Misc. Receipt: <br />Misc. Receipt. <br />Misc. Receipt: <br />Total <br />$22.95 <br />$133.46Every pam tssued shall bocome nvahd unloss tho work on tho sito <br />aulhonzod by such penni $ cofimencocl wtthn 360 days allet tls <br />tssuance. ot tf the work aulhonzod on lho silo by such pormit is suspended <br />or abandonecl lot a penod ol i60 days allet lhe ttme tho wo* ts <br />cofimencecl <br />$156 41 <br />$0 00 <br />$156.41 <br />lnspector MID#: 2019-153856 <br />01 '1 16002 51600 <br />011 16002 51603 <br />Fee Tolall <br />Paid to Datel <br />Balance Due <br />Project Address: 1506 W Fifth St Suile Range: <br />Zoning: Cl <br />Owner <br />Address: <br />Conlractor. <br />Address <br />Fee Type Amount Qt) <br />Serv [reter 55 37 1 00 <br />Mrn Fee AdJ 20 89 1 00 <br />General Plan Update 22 95 1 00 <br />lssuance 57 20 1 00 <br />Fee <br />$s5.37 <br />$20.89 <br />$22.95 <br />$57.20 <br />Stephen govne Covenee <br />Generol PIon Updote Fee <br />01 I l6t'02- 516Lrn0r:r0- <br />El ectr icql <br />Ir1ll6(102- 516ir3ftrfr- <br />Visq <br />C(:+ r r******rrrI*357(l Autt,iiLr?gl <br />Occupancy: <br />Constr Type: <br />Code; <br />Planning Conditions: