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city of Santa Ana 20 Civac Center Plaza (M-19), Santa Ana, CA 92702 Plumbing <br />Permit Counter: (714) 647-5800 lnspectaon Requests: (7141667-2738 lnspector Section: (714) 647-5853 <br />Permit #: 30{4079{ <br />Pin #: 7{54\ <br />ProjectAddress: 1433 E Beechwood St <br />Assessor'sParcel: 396-242-12 Lot: 36 <br />Unit: <br />Block: NA <br />Bldg: <br />Tracl: 8370 <br />Address Range: <br />Hisloric: No <br />Suite Range: <br />Zoning: Rl <br />Owner: <br />Address <br />Contraclor: <br />Address: <br />Phone <br />Tenant Name: <br />Oamian Spaupinato <br />1433 E Beechwood Sl <br />Santa Ana, CA 92705 <br />(714) 390.4328 <br />Blue Fountain Pools & Spas <br />221 W "F" Street <br />Ontario, CA 91762 <br />(909) 983.766s <br />01 1 16002 51602 <br />01116002 51602 <br />01116002 51600 <br />01'116002 51602 <br />Amount <br />72.65 <br />44.51 <br />22.O8 <br />55.04 <br />Fse Type <br />Pool Healer <br />Pool Piping <br />General Plan Update <br />lssuance <br />Qty <br />1.00 <br />1.00 <br />'1.00 <br />1.00 <br />Fee <br />$72.65 <br />$44.51 <br />$22.08 <br />$55.04 <br />Eotchi:4920{ - +/A/2019 <br />off ice: CTYH Trons+r lllAcct+: Refi: <br />Rcat+:02587025 - 1/8/2019 <br />Tronsoct ion Totol <br />IO: LROSALE2of tt <br />30110791 <br />2150 Pn <br />t9 7s.07 <br />State Lic #: 1004554 <br />Lic Type: C-53 <br />Bus. Lic f: 35256/f <br />Workers' Compensation lnsurance:Carrier: State Compen3atlon lnsurance Fund <br />Policy #. 9231003 <br />Expires: 05/0812019 <br />Blue Fountcin Pools f, Spns <br />Generol Plon Update Fee <br />01116002- 516000@- <br />Plurb ing <br />0t1t6@2- 51602000- <br />ICL Check 019507 <br />t22. r:l <br />at72 <br />Planning Approval By <br />Plan Checked By: <br />Permit lssued By: <br />Subject to Field: <br />Building Permit #: <br />Slngle Famlly Dwelling <br />Swimming Poolrspa <br />spa <br />Chavez. OaveEa- <br />10r 99703 <br />Occupancy: <br />Constr Type <br />Code: <br />R-3, U <br />VB <br />cPc 2016 <br />0.U08,2019 <br />Account# <br />Date <br />Date <br />Date <br />Misc. Receipt: <br />Misc. Receipt: <br />Misc. Receipt: <br />Total <br />Notes: Oemo (e)apa, build new in{round spa and relocate <br />pool equipt <br />$ 194.28 <br />$0.00 <br />$194.28 <br />Ewry pemit issued shall become invalid unless the work on the site <br />aulhotized by such pomit is cgnmenced within I 80 days aftet its <br />issuance, or il the woft authohzed on the sito by such pemit is suspended <br />ot abancloned fot a pedd ol 180 days afret lhe lrne the wod< is <br />camwn@d. <br />lnspector MID#: 2019-150616 <br />01116002 51600 <br />01116002 51602 <br />$22.08 <br />$'t72.20 <br />Fee Total: <br />Paid to Datel <br />Balance Due: <br />Planning Conditions: <br />Phone: <br />Building Use: <br />Job Type: <br />Nature of Work: