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@ City of Santa Ana 20 civic cenler Plaza (M-19), Santa Ana, cA 92702 Building <br />Permit Counter. (714) 647-5800 lnspectron Requests (714) 667-2738 lnspector Section. (714) 647-5853 fl <br />Permit#: {O{l00664 <br />Pin #: 60{{3 <br />Project Address: 2453 N North Park Blvd <br />Assessor's Parcel 002-063-18 Lot 37 <br />Bldg Address Range Suite Range. <br />Zoning: RiBlock NA Tract: 754 Historic No <br />Buildrng Use: Single Family Dwelling Occupancy: R-3, U 1st FL Area: Patio: <br />Job Typer Reroof Constr Type: V B 2nd FL Area: T.l.Area: <br />Nature of Work: Reroof Code: cBc 2016 Other Areas: Yards Req'd: <br />Existing Bldg. & Use: Sfd wrdet garage Flood Zone: x-0602320163J Garage Area: Valuation: 913,500.00 <br />Proposed User # of Stories:Totall <br />Description of Work: Reroot house & detatch€d garaga - remove wood shingles, apply 112" radiant barrier osb & 1 layor 30# felt, install 26 squaros <br />Presidential asphalt shingl6s. Handouts given. <br />t:iii',.'-iiiir iiilili':g "' i,:i'":.Planning conditions: nr.t+- t{.r r, l,il1,a.a6(, lEngineer: l::t::r:!?379r!93 ,,/3,,':tri9 1:39 !'l'l <br />Owner: SHEILA ALEXANDER Conlractor: Santiago Roofing 1..x?:,:l-ioi ]cl-r].14.:l <br />Address: 2453 N NORTH PARK BLVD Address: 361 Oak Place, Suite H Address: <br />santa Ana, cA 927061610 Brea, cA 92821 I a:1'- r:'c F:" j I :: <br />Phone: (714) 940-5545 Phone: (714) 529-0440 Phone: . a::r.jr.rl F,lon,J:di--:: i-:c ::" ' <br />state Lic#: 576276 License#: ,:!1:13r:!,,1?_ :13r-!!-1!:t!-r!:r- <br />Tenant:LicType,c.2,c-39Archilect/i.l'l;;'i;l;-El.l1ll1l1.'- <br />Bus Lic #: 137641 <br />Workers' Compensatron lnsurance <br />Carrier: California lns Co <br />Policy f: 468645340'107 <br />Expires: O1lO1l2O2O <br />Desiqner <br />Address: <br />Phone. <br />License #. <br />ol,a^ cl,a- o6u^i,,i-- <br />t41 <br />Plan Checked By. <br />Permit lssued By: <br />NPDES lnsp. Req <br />PWA lnsp. Req'd: No <br />Planning lnsp. Req'd: No <br />Amsden, Julie <br />o <br />Gomez, Pedro Date: 07/03/2019 Misc. Receipt <br />Dater Misc. Receipt <br />Date: 07103/2019 N,lisc. Receipt <br />Subject to Field: <br />No <br />No Account# <br />07776002 51601 Permit Fee <br />07715002 s1672 Bldg. Stds. Revolving <br />07776002 51600 General Plan Updale <br />07776002 51601 lssuance <br />$333.06 <br />$1.00 <br />$22.95 <br />$57.20 <br />'d.' <br />Fire lnsp. Req'd <br />Police lnsp. Req'd Total <br />Landscaping lnsp. Req'd. No Flood Zone Cert. Req'd: No <br />Every porml $sued shall bacome invalid unless the wotk on the stte aulhorized by <br />such pemit is cofifienced within360 days atter ls tssuance,ot if tho work aulhonzod <br />on the site by such permil 6 suspended or abahdoned fot a peiod of360 days aher <br />the lime lhe wotl< is cofimenced . <br />lnspector MID#: 2019-152733 <br />01 1 16002 51600 <br />0'11 16002 5160'1 <br />01 1 't6002 51612 <br />$390 26 <br />$1.00 <br />Fee Total: <br />Paid to Date. <br />Balance Due <br />$414.21 <br />$0 00 <br />$414.21 <br />Unrt <br />Planning Approval By.