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Project Address: 406 W Keller Ave <br />Assessor'sParcel: 4'10-103-02 Lot 3l <br />Unil: <br />Block: NA <br />Bldg. <br />Tract: 6697 <br />Address Range: <br />Historic: No <br />@ City of Santa Ana 20 crvic center Plaza (M-19). santa Ana, cAg27o2 Plumbing <br />Permrt Counter. (714) 647-5800 lnspection Requests 1714) 667 -2738 lnspector Sectron (714) OaZ-SaSS (-i,' <br />Permit #: 30141l)77 <br />Pin #: 94724 <br />Owner <br />Address <br />Contractor <br />Address <br />ADALAERTO FARIAS <br />406 KELLER AVE <br />Santa Ana, CA 927074A21 <br />(714) 751€168 <br />Frisch and Sons Constructi' <br />2546 N Orange Hill Road <br />Orange, CA 92867 <br />(71/r) 875-8298 <br />Notes Demo pool and infill. <br />naa i -^. ^YVU <br />O-^t..n'llain<l <br />Di5-rr..<n<f ,, L raa lnnto <br />Y^^---.-l i^a Y^[6t <br />n{ i.t rnnn- ii ii .?f.,..i._ <br />a^.. rrrrraratraarrrOg <br />Amount <br />6.95 <br />22.O8 <br />55 04 <br />Fee <br />$6.95 <br />$22.08 <br />$s5.04 <br />Qty <br />1.00 <br />1.00 <br />1.00Phone <br />Tenant Name: <br />t <br />:to <br />Phone <br />State Lic #: 695810 <br />Lic Type: B, A <br />Bus. Lrc #: 197t90 <br />Workers' Compensatron lnsurancelCarrier State Compensation lnsurance Fund <br />Pohcy #: 9040338 <br />Expires: 0110112020 <br />e^^^-^ I ol ^^ ll-!.t <br />nr r.r lior- <i lnnn <br />aatQ I <br />,\! !l lr..angOfrn <br />Building Use: <br />r Job Type: <br />Nature of Work <br />Single Family Dwelling <br />Mlscellaneoug <br />Demo Pool <br />Chavez, DaveY-- <br />101100s45 <br />Occupancy: <br />Constr Type <br />Code: <br />R-3, U <br />VB <br />cPc 2016 <br />Planning Conditions: <br />Planning Approval By <br />Plan Checked 8y: <br />Permit lssued By: <br />subiect to Field: <br />Euilding Permit #: <br />lvlisc Recerpt: <br />lvlisc. Receipt <br />Misc Recerpt <br />Total <br />o6t2412019 <br />Account# <br />01 1 16002 51600 <br />01 1 16002 51602 <br />$22 08 <br />$61 99 <br />Fee Total: <br />Paid to Date: <br />Balance Oue: <br />$84.07 <br />$0.00 <br />$84.07 <br />Ewry pefinit is'sued shall bacome inveltd unless the wod on the s,te <br />aulhotized by such pennl is cammeoccd withn 3@ days after s <br />$suence- ot tt the wodt authonzed on the stle by such porfiit is suspendad <br />or abadorrad lot a pend of 3@ days attet the time lhe wod< ts <br />cgmmoncf,,d <br />lnspeclor MtD#. 2019-152440 <br />Suite Range: <br />Zoning: Ri <br />Feo Typs <br />01116002 51602 Cap Fixtures <br />01116002 51600 General Plan Update <br />01116002 51602 lssuance <br />r6i.-lt -n; i^n- i^i-+-r,-. i^^ <br />Dale: <br />Dale: <br />Dale: