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Planning & Building Agency .. 4 4 <br />Building Safety Division <br />20 Civic Center Plaza <br />P.O. Box 1988 (M-19)REVISION/SUPPLEMENTAL <br />Santa Ana, CA 92702 <br />(714) 647-5800 PLAN CHECK REQUEST <br /> <br />All#M#,5122.#-aw-'.-4/.'588:#-WiWiykES#'E#k//bf:2Nif.t&:biwm&2*ap#*1**1*4&04(•ig¢mb,%%*megmw:dO;&EQ;1*W&;r'PE<jv,el,VIR <br />PCC-13 CBC 2013 <br />SANTA-CIT¥ OF <br />ANA PLU.\1.\6 <br />& Bl ILDI.\6 <br />Project Address: 22 057 62. 9 Ar-7» CLAR-* ' Suite# <br />New Plan Check No./0/2066% <br />Original Plan Check No../017 97% 3-Permit Issuance Date:le/ 38 /13 <br />£ 1 <br />Original Plan Checker:la-s OK ELUAL <br />Amount paid: $Misc. Receipt #:PIA <br />Processed by:Ik c.Date:1 / 1 -1 / M <br />1 1 <br />Plan Checker Approval: 3, K.Date: <br />, <br />Additional Hours: .S.- @ $191.62 = $ ,f P, 8. i <br />Print Name: /40€- WAZ442:Gr Signature: <br />Representing: A9%9/fO 0>35/GPV 6PfU/ <br />Telephone: 9 2.0-4- 96 63 FAX: ( ) <br />Contact Person: Telephone: C ) <br />E-Mail (Strongly Recommended): #/0//963€4g:5/2 /360) 24 COX. 0©74 <br />PLANS PREPARED BY AN ARCHITECT OR ENGINEER MUST BE SIGNED BY THE PROFESSIONAL <br />WHO PREPARES THEM. <br />PLEASE WRITE A BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE REVISION/SUPPLEMENT AND IF POSSIBLE AREA <br />OF WORK. ALL REVISIONS ARE TO BE CLOUDED AND PROPERLY IDENTIFIED: (i.e. Deltas, <br />Sheet Numbers, etc.). <br />Electrical, Plumbing and/or Mechanical plans - stamped job set shall accompany revised <br />plans. <br />1, REVIst HANDRAIL CONNECT/oM TD Acion?/ADDATE TH& <br />FIEL/3 Cb/V®NS <br />9-, 1*V/98 69#JoR:reN) TI+D /+ANDRAIL LENGTH *T 77+5 %7'NIA <br />DE RTAIR- 14ANDRAIL RE/VIDDEL 75 1*DUCE ENc/WreP,MENT /NTo <br />INALK WAV AT 58 OP pdA MDDIFIED 6-STAIRS <br />PCC-13 Rev. 06-24-2013 White-Plan Check Yellow-Applicant