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City of Santa Ana 20 civic Center Plaza (M-19), Santa Ana ' cA 92702 <br />Permit Counter: (714)647-5800 lnsF,eclion Requests: (7'14) 667-2738 lnspector Section: (714)647-5853 <br />Building <br />Project Address: 941 W Occidental St <br />Assesso/s Parcel 013-21141 Lol 31 Block tlA Tracl '1498 Hrslooc No <br />Surle Range <br />Zonrng Rt <br />Bldgr Address Range <br />Building Use <br />Job Type <br />Nature of Work: <br />Existing Bldg. & Use <br />Proposed Use: <br />Single Family Dwelling <br />Reroot <br />Reroof <br />R.3 <br />VB <br />cBc 2019 <br />x-0602320257J <br />Patio <br />T l.Area: <br />Yards Req'd <br />Valuation: <br />lst FL Area <br />2nd FL Area <br />Other Areas: <br />Garage Area <br />Total: <br />$5,660.00 <br />Oescription of Work: Tear off existing, install 20 squares of comp roofing <br />Planning Conditions: <br />Ro.! Sandoval <br />941 W. Occldental St <br />s.nt Ana, cA 92707 <br />(714) s89.9152 <br />Conkaclor C.l-SlatoRoorlng <br />Address 702 monro€ Way <br />Pl.contla, CA 92870 <br />Phone: {714) 986-9920 <br />State Lic #: 801616 <br />Lic Type: B, C-39 <br />Bus. Lic #: 311430 <br />Workers' Compensalion lnsurance <br />Carrier Stat. Componaellon lnlorenco Fund <br />Policy #: 1877765 <br />Expires: 0411112021 <br />Engineer <br />Address: <br />Archrlecl / <br />Address <br />Planning Approval By <br />Plan Chec*ed By: <br />Pennit lssued By <br />NPDES lnsp. Req'd: <br />PWA lnsp. Req'd: <br />Planning lnsp. Req'd: <br />Landscaping lnsp. Req'd <br />Date <br />Date <br />Oale:0610712021 <br />Misc Receipl <br />Misc Receipt <br />Misc Receipl <br />07776002 <br />07176002 <br />07116002 <br />07116002 <br />07776002 <br />Permil Fee <br />MicJonlm Records <br />Bldo Stds Revolving FL <br />General Plan Updale <br />lssuance <br />$345 28 <br />$4 05 <br />$1.00 <br />s23.79 <br />$59.30 <br />57601 <br />57770 <br />51572 <br />51600 <br />57507No <br />No <br />No <br />No <br />Subjecl lo Field <br />Fire lnsp Req'd No <br />Policr lnsp. Req'd: No <br />Flood Zone Cerl. Req'd: No <br />Account#Total <br />Every Nml ,6sue<l shall b€come invalid unless the work on the site authorizecl by <br />such Nth ts commonce<l wlhn 360 clays aftet s tssuance.ot if lhe work <br />authoized on the sit6 by such permil is suspencled or abahdoned lot a penocl ol <br />360 days anet the tmo lhe work ts commencecl <br />lnspector MID#: 2021-166589 <br />N/A No Balanc€ <br />N/A'No Balance <br />N/A - No Balance <br />$433.42 <br />$433 42 <br />s0.00 <br />Permit #: tolloaleo <br />Pin #: GoLoa <br />Unil <br />Occupancy. <br />Constr Type: <br />Code: <br />Flood Zone: <br /># of Stories <br />Owner <br />Address <br />Phone <br />Ton!ntl <br />Phone <br />License # <br />Phone <br />Lacense #: <br />Fee Total: <br />Paid to Date <br />Balancs Ouo: