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PLIUA <br />PLANNINGa <br />DEPT.o-z <br />c-o \m\ <br />UPANCY INSPECTION FORM nr.c/s[Plttt <br />BUSINESS ADDRESS UNIT OR SUITE ZIP CODE <br />BUSINESS NAME <br />DESCRIBE BUSINESS <br />tr MFG. n nuffic, No oPEN <br />tr oFFIcE FLAMES, NO SPRAY PAINTING. <br />tr RETAIL SALES tr AUTO BODY (see "ATTENTION" b€low) <br />tr WHOLESALE <br />tr WAREHOUSE <br />" below) <br />ATTENTION <br />*ALL GROUP "H" OCCUPANCIES (THIS INCLUDES, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, AUTO BODY, AUTOMOTIVE WORK OR STORAGE INCIDENTAL <br />TO WELDING OR OPEN FLAME; WOODWORKING, CUTTING, SHAPING OR SANDING OF WOOD) SHALL NOT BE CONDUCTED lN ANY BUILDING <br />OR STRUCTURE UNLESS THERE IS AN APPROVED FIRE SPRINKLER SYSTEM INSTALLED. S.A.M,C, 14.7.2 <br />PARTMENTAL USE ONLY - <br />APPROVED USE PRIOR APPROVAL DATE: <br />ZONE CUP <br />I <br />@Caz <br />maa <br />oorl <br />m <br />U)a <br />t\b <br />I <br />BUILDINGoSAFETY DEPT, <br />NOTES: (LIMITATIONS OF <br />s <br />FIRE DEPT.: ,1439 S. BROADWAY 647-5700 "Aproved subiect to S.A.F.D. requirements"DATE <br />SHALL BE POSTED IN A CONSPICUOUS PLACE ON THE PBEM'SES AND SHALL NOT BE REMOVED EXCEPT BY THE BUILDING OFFICIAL. <br />CERTIFICATE OF OCCUPANCY <br />This is to certify that the premises in the City of Santa Ana described below have been inspected and that they comply with the ordinances and <br />regulations of the City of Santa Ana and State of California now in force for use and occupancy as to the parts enumerated as follows: <br />TYPE OF BUSINESS:C,as Station BUSINESS OWN USA Petroleum Corp. <br />OCCUPANCY GROUP B-2 OF CONSTRUCTION:III-N <br />occ GROUP TYPE <br />I <br />LIMITATIONS OF APPROVED OCCUPANCY: <br />itli?ulaleurn 6r>FLOOR ABEA <br />SIZE <br />X <br />w6RX PHoNE HOIVIE PHONE <br />Ql4,?%qqqq( ),V <br />WILL FLAMMABLE OR EXPLOSIVE LIQUIDS OR MATERIALS <br />BE USED OR STORED? (FLAMMABLE MEANS FLASH <br />POINT LESS THAN 2OO.) <br />NO <br />DATE <br />W oerlTE6-tfd, <br />,/'ilz DENIED DAIE'/.rl*t <br />Ultranrar Inc. <br />51 42 West First Street <br />92703Santa Ana, California <br />The issuance of this or any other shall not be <br />deemed or construed violation of any <br />M ER - BUILDING SAFETY DEPT <br />Ausuqt 12-19e1 <br />DATE <br />Alterations, changes, additions, or chang€s of occupancy mak€ this certificats void. ln such cases, a n€w certificate must be obtained lrom Clty ol Santa Ana <br />BUILDING SAFETY DEPT P.O. BOX 1988 SANTA ANA ' CALIFORNIA 92702 <br />tj <br />rr <br />tr <br />NAME OF BUSINESS: <br />BUSINESS ADDRESS: <br />UNIT OR SUITE: