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-,-SANTA <br />NA*'ffiffi <br />., <br />Planning & Building Agency <br />Building Safety Division <br />20 Civic Center Plaza <br />P.O. 1988 (M-19) <br />Santa Ana, CA 92702 <br />(714) @7-s8ts <br />No. 80396628 <br />OCCUPANCY INSPECTION <br />4t#PP?cArroNBTN \-/ I <br />@C <br />9.z <br />mao <br />ooama <br />CN <br />s <br />$ <br />f <br />Jr <br />s- <br />4 <br />N+ <br />ks <br />S <br />N <br />s <br />.SsJ <br />B <br />BUSINESS ADDRESS , .IJNIT ORSUITE Z <br />'jlV"llina,f frw+ {Vef ,gdM.h'kM ,d 4?:l <br />BUSINESS NAME"drnHfi sf^hons lvpfte:<zr-o bzfrtb () <br />BUSINESS PHONE NO. <br />() <br />EMERGENCY PHONE NO. <br />BUSTNESS owNER's *o"=sHH <br />ATTAcHED <br />BUSINESS OWNER'S DRIVERS LICENSE NO. & STATE <br />BUSINESS OWNER'S MAILING ADDRESS?o W i,@o-*ttn' bsw*t A?',,>Tn F4'vtDn ,4 4+59?4a3 <br />Yes /tto (lF YES, NAME OF SUBLEASOR)DO YOU SUBLEASE?SQUARE FEET FLOOR AREA <br />LEASING AGENT OR PROPERTY MANAGEMENT COMPANY NAME <br />() <br />BUSINESS PHONE NO. <br />() <br />EMERGENCY PHONE NO. <br />LEASING AGENT OR MANAGEMENT COMPANY ADDRESSPRymrY <br />arwrorl gtqtivru lw'PROPERTY OWNEB'S NAME BUSINESS PHONE NO. <br />4tb, gh_- ituql () <br />EMERGENCY PHONE NO. <br />,9q fornm 4 4{gg"li <br />J <br />BUSINESS DESCRIPTION <br />tr MANUFACTURING <br />D OFFICE <br />dReret seles, <br />D WHOLESALE <br />tr WAREHOUSE <br />O GROUP ASSEMBLY <br />tr AUTO REPATR (NO WELDTNG, NO OPEN <br />FLAMES, NO SPRAY PAINTING <br />o AUTO BoDY (sEE ATTENT|oN BELow) <br />o WOODWORK|NG (SEE ATTENT|oN BELow) <br />tr EATING ESTABLISHMENT <br />tr OTHER (DESCRIBE ABOVE) <br />?tt lYas n No No. 1 Will you be storing and/or utilizing hazardous materials at <br />this tacility? <br />t 1 Ves //ruo No. 2 Does your production process produce hazardous waste? <br />lI you have answered Yes to either question you must contaci Santa Ana Fire <br />Department Hazadous Material Disclosure Section at O14) 647-5700. <br />ll YES, please describe <br />ATTENTION: ALL GROUP "H" OCCUPANCIES (INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, AUTO BODY, AUTOMOTIVE WORK OR STORAGE <br />INCIDENTAL TO WELDING WITH OPEN FLAME, WOODWORKTNG, CUTTTNG, SHAP|NG OR SANDTNG WOOD) SHALL NOT BE @NDUCTED tN <br />ANY Rl lll olNG oFl sTEll lcTI lFlF I lNt trss Tl{trFltr ts aN aPPElnvtrn F|RF qparNkr trEl qvqrEM lNqrar r trn c a i^ a 1i-'7-t <br />SIGNATURE <br />l0 )ob <br />DEPARTMENT USEbI,II.Y 8=, <br />OPEN PERMITS? <br />NO <br />PRIOR APPROVED USE4qs Cfat t^-- <br />I%l. <br />PRIOR OCCUPANCY GROUPB->PRIOB CONSTRUCTION TYPEG-o <br />PLANNING CZZONE VA CUP <br />tt)o7 <br />BLDG. SAFEW OCCUPANCY GROUP CONSTRUCTION TYPE DATE <br />ATIONS <br />at <br />NOTES: <br />at this <br />Note: One ol th6 rollolrving must be checked by the C of O lnspector <br />[ ] Yes I I No Has the inspector identifi€d any hazardous <br />tL-e <br />V <br />1 16 t lNo tshazardouswast€ <br />C.S. 642-1 (Rev. <br />/ <br />il <br />fllr-A