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*,,SANTA <br />NA/IHil <br />Planning & Building Agency <br />Building Safety Division <br />20 Civic Center Plaza <br />P.O. 1988 (M-19) <br />Santa Ana, CL 92702 <br />(7r4) 647-sBts <br />s <br />No.8040LI2L <br />OCCUPANCY INSPECTION <br />APPLICATION <br />S 8 <br />@C <br />9.z <br />moo <br />oUDmoa <br />(-n <br />(^+ <br />$ <br />bt+2 sr UNIT OR SUITE E <br />BUSINESS NAME <br />E & TITLE Lk <br />INESS PHONE NO. <br />STATE <br />ap <br />BUSINESS OWNER,S MAILING ADDRESS . I q -__7We u,3.q+Ttt \^ta.q *zot r'dEup.nJ WA-aaesl <br />T <br />DO YOU SUBLEASE? Yes No (rF YES, UeUe Or$UAIEASOR)SOUARE FEET FLOOR AREA <br />LEASING AGENT OR PROPERTY MANAGEMENT COMPANY NAME BUSINESS PHONE NO. <br />()() <br />EMERGENCY PHONE NO. <br />LEASING AGENT OR PROPERTY MANAGEMENT COMPANY ADDRESS <br />(wwstaw*Fadla?fi,RPROERTY OWNER'S NAME BUSINESS PHONE NO. <br />(73 qb-Bz€o EMERGENCY PHONE NO. <br />() <br />PF.JR€RTY OWNER'S ADDRESS <br />34g€-9 . 3a4;t*t wA$4 * zol AUEdpn/ uJA . =Besl <br />. 69Bt <br />o AUTO REPATR (NO WELD|NG, NO OPEN <br />FLAMES, NO SPRAY PAINTING <br />D AUTO BODY(SEE ATTENTION BELOW) <br />O WOODWORKING (SEE ATTENTION BELOW) <br />O EATING ESTABLISHMENT <br />O OTHER (DESCRIBE ABOVE) <br />)tfiemr snrcs <br />( <br />BUSINESS DESCRIPTION <br />O MANUFACTURING <br />O OFFICE <br />D WHOLESALE <br />tr WAREHOUSE <br />O GROUP ASSEMBLY <br />,Y1yes [ | No No. 1 Will you be storing and/or utilizing hazardous materials at <br />this facjljty? <br />WYes | | No No. 2 Does your production process produce hazardous waste? <br />lf you hav€ answered Yes to €ither question lrou musi contact Santa Ana Fire <br />Departnent Hazardous Matsrial Disclosurc S€ctbn at O14) 647-5700. <br />ll YES, please <br />ATTENTION: ALL GROUP "H: OCCUPANCIES (INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, AUTO BODY, AUTOMOTIVE WORK OR STORAGE <br />INCIDENTAL TO WELDING WITH OPEN FLAME, W@DWORKTNG, CUTTTNG, SHAptNc OR SANDTNG WOOD) SHALL r.lOT BE CONDUCTED tN <br />4II]1 BUILDIM OR STRUCTURE UNLEg9 THERE IS AN APPBOVED FIRE SPRINKLER SYSTEM INSTALLED. S.A.M.C. 14.7.2rTITLE.4-e*'D/a/pr <br />AR E E LY (es I <br />NO <br />OPEN PEBMITS?tL <br />'"rifffi hp&,t PRIOR APPROVAL DATE <br />// - 7'06 <br />PRIOH OCCUPANCY GROUP PRIOR CONSTRUCTION TYPE <br />PLANNING CLZONE CUP DENIED <br />L 1-,zf-dl <br />DATE <br />BLDG. SAFEW TYPE ^'trIi DENIED 'Tl+olo7 <br />I I Yes [ ] No Has the inspector identified any hazardous materials at this facility?[ ] No ls hazardous wasle being generated at this site? <br />NOTES: (LIMITATIONS OF APPROVED OCCUPANCY) <br />t <br />C.S. 642-1 (Rev.5/06) <br />I <br />I