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d,aa r No. 804 06261 <br />OCCUPANCY INSPECTION <br />APPLICATION <br />Planning & Building Agency <br />B uilding S afety Divis ion <br />20 Civic Center Plaza <br />P.O. 1988 (M-rg) <br />SantaAna, CA 92702 <br />(7r4) 647-s81s 4ila <br />BTN <br />TDCLz <br />maa <br />U(fn <br />m <br />U) <br />U) <br />(x <br />El, <br />u <br />s <br />+ <br />5/{L u. /i/ 5/..,-/ "*'J,)Z /,- & '';";';o\BUSINESS ADDRESS <br />BUSINESS NAMEE*t;J 6*> L.BUSINESS PHONE NO. <br />?/ot tL,-n7 L EMERGENCY PHONE NO. <br />(votL't y-D7 y <br />/<..- -'Uil <br />BUSINESS OWNER'S DRIVERS LICENSE NO. & STATtr <br />€t*te ,{t q o2 {7 <br />(IF YES, NAME OF SUBLEASOR)DO YOU SUBLEASE? YeS SOUARE FEET <br />LEASING EMERGENCY PHONE NO. <br />AGENT OR PROPERTY COMPANY ADDRESS <br />729 - 31?L <br />EMERGENCY PHONE NO. <br />)/o L7y-?37 <br />/7>// 5'-.t/r,i, 5/,*/ €tzo|wg + ?.2-y rf <br />PROPERTY O{A/NER'S ADDRESS <br />BUSINESS DESCRIPTION <br />i ] MANUFACTURING <br />OFFICE <br />y(GrAlL SALES <br />WHOLESALE <br />WAREHOUSE <br />I : GROUP ASSEMBLY <br />rAUTO REPAIR (NO WELDING, NO OPEN <br />FLAMES, NO SPRAY PAINTING) <br />: AUTO BODY (sEE ATTENTTON BELOW) <br />wooDWoRKrNG (SEE ATTENTTON BELOW) <br />I EATING ESTABLISHMENT <br />OTHER (DESCRIBE ABOVE) <br />' < , ?-,r/t-r'o <br />,1{Ves 1 ] No No. 1 Will you be storing and/or utilizing hazardous materials at <br />this facility? <br />X"" [ ] No No. 2 Does your production process produce hazardous waste? <br />lf you have answsred Yes to either question you must conlact Santa Ana Fire <br />Department Hazardous Material Disclosure Section at (714) M7-5700. <br />lf YES, please <br />ATTENTTON: ALL GROUP "H" OCCUPANCIES (INCLUOING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, AUTO BODY, AUTOMOTIVE WORK OR STORAGE <br />tNcTDENTAL TO WELDTNG W|TH OPEN FLAME, WOODWORKTNG, CUTT|NG, SHAPTNG OR SANDTNG WOOD) SHALL NOT BE CONDUCTED lN <br />ANY BUILDING OR STRUCTURE UNLESS THERE IS AN APPROVED FIRE SPRINKLER SYSTEM INSTALLED. S.A.M.C. 14-7-2 <br />/,,-'-?r <br />SIGNA DATE t /, ? /'r/o/ <br />DEPARTMENT USE ONLY -47OPEN PERMITS?] YES <br />lc <br />PRIOR APPROVED USE <br />d<wrct rt^hb) <br />PRIOR APPROVAL DATE1lul"t PRIOR OCCUPANCY GROUP <br />9 <br />PRIOR CONSTRUCTION TYPE <br />-I,tr-N <br />PLANNING <br />cz-f0/ <br />ZONE CUP <br />6^Z tt-^APPROVED DENIED DATE <br />1ol"lt <br />BLDG. SAFETY OCCUPANCY GROUPb CONSTRUCTION ryPEtuts ^'iffiIl n DENIED ):H^v <br />I <br />lYes []No ls <br />€) <br />waste being at this <br />must <br />Yes No theHas identified hazardousinspectorany <br />NOTES:APPROVEDOF(LTMTTATTONS OCCUPANCY)