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RECFIVED <br />Plenning& BuildingAgency JtlN - 4 ?018 <br />Building Safety Division <br />'-:":Ht"iil-""'i"^ sAlr i A lrNi't'Ll\hl'iil'lG ili <br />Santa Ana, CA 92702 <br />(714)647-s&ts <br />No. 804 - 255 8 8 <br />P1 OCCUPANCY INSPECTION <br />APPLICATION <br />BrN 5Hql12 <br />ECaz <br />m <br />U)a <br />Uoamaa <br />$r <br />s)tsF <br />* <br />Pg <br />3 <br />F <br />-)5(}b <br />-c\}{Jo <br />\rt) <br />{ <br />UNIT OR SUITE ztP <br />+NAME NO. <br />lI vt <br />BUSINESS OWNER'S DRIVERS LICENSE STATE <br />E <br />@ <br />BUSINESS OWNER'S <br />(rF YES,DO AREA <br />LEASING AGENT OR PROPERTY MANAGEMENT COMPANY NAME PH E <br />0 <br />qnie f@ ia'+'/-e-te uSo n $Aan <br />PROPERTY NAME <br />(s'l)lL <br />PROPERTY OWNER'],l/a75 <br />I JvloLCV.I\N <br />ffi, No No. 1 Wil you be storing and/or utitizing hazardous materials at <br />(nis tacitityz <br />fiVes t I No No. 2 Does your produclion process produce hazardous wast6? <br />ll you have answered Yes to either question you must contact Orange County <br />Section at (71 4) 573-6000.Fire Authority's Hazardous Material <br />lf YES, please <br />FLAMES, NO SPRAY PAINTING <br />I IAUTO BOOY (SEE ATTENTION BELOW) <br />I TWOODWOBKTNG (SEE ATTENTION BELOW) <br />I]EATING ESTABLISHMENT (SEE PWA) <br />l r OTHER (DESCHIBE ABOVE) <br />REPAIR (NO WELDING, NO OPEN <br />BUSINESS DESCRIPTION <br />I I MANUFACTURING <br />T OFFICE <br />I IWHOLESALE <br />IIWAREHOUSE <br />I GROUPASSEMBLY <br />ZGemrLsA-es <br />GROUP "H" OCCUPANCIES (INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, AUTO BODY, AUTOMOTIVE WORK OR STORAGE <br />WITH OPEN FLAME, WOODWORKING, CUTTING, SHAPING OR SANDING WOOD) SHALL NOT BE CONDUCTED IN <br />RE UNLESS THEBE IS AN APPBOVED FIRE SPRINKLER SYSTEM INSTALLED. <br />ATTENTION <br />INCIDENT, <br />ANY B <br />\Altuwr <br />^QZ-pe^,tnl <br />TITLE DATE slult,a /l&rh <br />DEPARTNhENT USE ONLY Date ol report: 'l Itt119riNO <br />PRIOR APPROVEO USE <br />Sea Vicr-Se-Iinc: <br />PRIOR APPROVAL DATE <br />to lz fzooe <br />PRIOR OCCUPANCY GROUP <br />b <br />PBIOB CONSTRUCTION TYPE <br />l\\ 6 <br />PLANNING <br />GC CZ <br />ZONE VA CUP <br />Rl/r* <br />APPROVED DENIED <br />1lslB,.t <br />DATE <br />TYPE DENIED '^" l r/@//focc. LoAD CCCUPANCY GROUP?. <br />Note: One ofthtfollowingmr.rst bil*ftEcked by the C d<nilsdeafor. <br />-V2-- <br />I]Yes []No Haslh€insp€ctorid6ntifi6danyhazardousmaterialsatthisfacility? []Yes []No lshazardouswastebeinggeneratedatthissile? <br />Sprrrc<-,^NOTES: (LIMITATIONS OF APPROVED OCCUPANCY) <br />BUSIIIESS OWNER'S NAME & TITLE <br />, <br />L\VW <br />ISQUARE FEFT.tx)^fiU W3 <br />Sarfl? A\ A\^Jn€_fa () <br />EMEBGENCY PHONE NO. <br />BUSINESS PHONE NO. <br />loVL+aq.,'bq;fr () <br />EMEBGENCY PHONE NO.