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SouthWest Sr-rn Solar Inc. - <br />Owner's Letter of Authorization <br />PROPF RTY OWNER: <br />Name: <br />Add 55: <br />C <br />City <br />Pho ne q state:CA zipcoa.,9 E?O? <br />)) <br />To whom it may concern, <br />K UV. rr.-"ri\)u ( t \ rt rrrtnorize sourhwest sun sorar , lnc. to act on my behalf as the <br />active contractor in permitting, installing, and all manners pertaining to my Homeowner's association <br />architectural application (when applicable). <br />Sincerely, <br />Ro. -omt r-clo C--*r no <br />erintea &$e <br />Frr.,-3-5-ecao <br />Signatu re Date <br />SouthWest Son Solat lnc. <br />11752 Harbor Blvd., Carden Grove C 92843 <br />ll l0 Tully Rd. Suitc I 15, San Josc CA 95 122 <br />License# 1004667 <br />q <br />I,