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RESIDENTIAL <br />PHOTOVOLTAIC <br />CHECKLIST <br />sol{1 cBc 2013 <br />Project Address. 22'18 N FOREST AVE, <br />Contractor Company NAME' SUNRUN <br />co.lractor Ltcense Numb6r. 750184 <br />tr <br />Are the lollowing applicable to the propos€d proiect? <br />Wll the PV system layout provide the required three-foot wicte ctear access patways <br />per Section 605.'11 of the Caliirmia Fire Code, and is this shown on the roof plan? <br />Willthe PV system be installed on a roof having onty one roofing Iayer with no <br />WlI the PV anay be flush mounted to the existjng roof so that the ptane of the <br />modules (panels) are paralht to the plane ol the roor1 <br />Wll the PV system weigh maximum 4 pounds per square ieet or tess? <br />Wll he PV system be instialled where the modutes do not overheng any roof ed9e6 <br />(such as eaves. gabled ends, *lges and hips)? <br />Vvlll the PV sFlem be installed with a space ot 2' minimum tc 10, maximum bet*een <br />lhe underslde of modules and the surface of the roon <br />vvlll the PV systern be installed wittEut using any ballast systen or counter-wehht <br />system? <br />Wllthe anchors be insblled wilh a maximum hodzontalenchor spacing of6 f€€l <br />and is this maximum ho&ontalspadng shown on the ptans? <br />Wll the minimum 5/16'lag screws be jnstalted with a minimum of 2-.1/2 inch <br />efibedment inlo rcof raltels (with prednlbd holes) and is this minimum embedment <br />sho n oo the plans? <br />Are ALL the struct ral pages of the plens VVET stamped and signed by a Califomia <br />licensed professlonal engineer? (including projecl specjfc aite ptan, pV layout, <br />anchorage spacing, anchorage dotaits and manufacture/s pV support intormalion.) <br />Ztr <br />zo <br />Zo <br />tr <br />a <br />PI.nning & Aulldlng Agency <br />Aulldlng Saf6ty Dlvlsion <br />20 ClYic Clnter Pl.z <br />P.O. Aot 1988 (Mr9) <br />Santa Ana, CA 92702 <br />(71lt) 647-5a00 <br />Solar Photovottaic (PV) Chock st for D6tached STNGLE FAi Ly RESTOENCES Only <br />lnatruc{ion6: The licensed contractor of record shall complete all s€ctjons, answer the l6n questions and <br />sign he certificalion section below. A copy of this form sha be attached to each oI T!iIO sets of plans, of <br />minimum 11'x 17'size. It snswedno NO to.nv ot tho oue.uonr. ol.n ch€ck shallbe roouk;. <br />YES NO,Etr <br />,Va <br />.Zn <br />6. <br />7. <br />I <br />ro.[tr <br />I c.rtlty undor pon.tty of po.rury under tho of th€ Staia ot Clllfomt. $rt thc rbo\.. E tru.: <br />PrintNane: Elrazit<1 Signature: <br />3 <br />uh Pi e€.((cr,1 <br />-'t sQV Dat.: <br />Ern I Addr&i: I'V<Zv,<)O y",. Yh . <7&,6er- <br />o <br />NAJiiltr <br />Phone Number: '1V'1