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Planning & Building Ag{1cflr <br />Buildlng Safety Divisidfl ' ' <br />20 Civic Center Plaza , \ <br />P.O. Box 1988 (M-19) <br />Santa Ana, CA 92102 <br />(7r4) 647.s800 <br />www, sa nla- a n a. o rg <br />{:Er"XS,rrNrAL <br />nt,, ,r 0 RII]'|PSOTOVOLTAIC <br />,t,, .,i ,.i ,,ria ",',FHECKLIST <br />sol-01 c8c 2013 <br />Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Checklist for Oetached SINGLE FAMILY RESIDENCES Only <br />lnstructions: The licensed contractor of record shall complete all sections, answer the ten questions and <br />sign the certification section below. A copy of this form shall be attached to each of TWO sets of plans, of <br />minimum 1 1 ' x '17" size. lf answerinq NO anv of the ouestions. olan check s hall be required <br />Project Address:BO1 E OCCIDENTAL ST, SANTA ANA, CA 92707 <br />Contractor Company Name: <br />Contractor License Number: <br />YES NO <br />1 El tr <br />2 EIt] <br />3 EItr <br />trtr <br />trtr <br />Xtr <br />10 trtr <br />I certify under <br />Print Name: <br />{4tedon" €t>or,td <br />lOZ11nc1''1 <br />4 <br />5 <br />EtrEtr <br />trtr <br />Are the following applicable to the proposed project? <br />Will the PV system layout provide the required three-foot wide clear access pathways <br />per Section 605.11 of the California Fire Code, and is this shown on the roof plan? <br />Will the PV system be installed on a roof having only one roofing layer with no <br />overlays? <br />Will the PV array be flush mounted to the existing roof so that the plane of the <br />modules (panels) are parallel to the plane of the roof? <br />Will the PV system weigh maximum 4 pounds per square feet or less? <br />Will the PV system be installed where the modules do not overhang any roof edges <br />(such as eaves, gabled ends, ridges and hips)" <br />Will the PV system be installed with a space of 2' minimum to 10" maximum beh/r'een <br />the underside of modules and the surface of the roof? <br />Will the PV system be installed without using any ballast system or counter-weight <br />system? <br />Will the anchors be installed with a maximum horizontal anchor spacing of 6 feet <br />and is this maximum horizontal spacing shown on the plans? <br />Will the minimum 5/16" lag screws be installed with a minimum ol 2-112 inch <br />embedment into roof rafters (with pre-drilled holes) and is this minimum embedment <br />shown on the plans? <br />Are ALL the structural pages of the plans stamped and signed by a California <br />licensed professional engineer? (including project specific site plan, PV layout, <br />anchorage spacing, anchorage details and manufacturer's PV support information.) <br />6 <br />7 <br />8 <br />I <br />peDalty of perjury under the laws of the <br />il?t/'.t'Jc:,t?-t s <br />State of <br />ignature <br />ia that <br />Phone Number: Oto {a/'Se,7Y Date Zz/ co <br />Re/ llr19/2015 <br />tJ 1-0.<4 c <br />ve is true <br />Emarl Add ress ^.p71 cq)'ud. <br />*,,SANTA <br />NA,W#