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eF.i Sunmodul€» 245 - 255 poy/ Pro-Series <br />- <br />./L .4. I n.#it <br />44-tuk 004 <br />TUVRheinland <br />TUV Power controlled: <br />Lowest measuring tolerance In Industry <br />0000024. <br />Every component is tested to meet <br />3 times IEC requirements 1 <br />Designed to withstand heavy <br />accumulations of snow and ice <br />Sunmodule Plus: <br />Positive performancetolerance <br />25-year linear performance warranty <br />- and 10-year product warranty <br />0IA,iti-Refledive <br />C,atil.g <br />Glass with anti-reflective coating <br />World-class quality // ·0„'Illed, 180 61215 ip,A -0% . Anin,unaf*$stance <br />/ V\ , s.,97 Ms,ed. BEC 61730 2 1 les:edFully-automated production lines and seamless monitoring of the process and material @» 22% 5'VS:J,. ip.=2.:f: =tu2' <br />ensure the qualitythat the company sets as its benchmark for its sites worldwide. <br />SolarWorld Plus-Sorting /-1 -1/.OIll/,Le ./. <br />Plus-Sorting guarantees highest system efficiency SolarWorld only delivers modules that -SGS-:AET MIS- IS/STANT <br />41,7. LIAK "PC[> C C US <br />have greaterthanorequaltothe nameplate rated power .-I UL 1703 <br />25 years linear performance guarantee and extension of product warrantyto 10 years <br />SolarWorld guaranteesa maximum performancedegression of 0 7% pa. in the course of <br />25years, a significant added valuecompared tothetwo-phase warranties common inthe <br />industry In addition, SolarWorld isofferinga product warranty, which has been extended <br />to 10 years.* <br />C € 1111 ISO 14001 <br />ISO 9001 <br />Certified <br />'in accordance with the applkable Solarworld Limited Warranty at purchase <br />www solarworld com/warranty <br />SOLARWORLD <br /> We turn sunlight into power. <br />i