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Project Address: 3660 S Bear St <br />Assesso/sParcel 412.433-04 Lot: 1-8, A, B, C <br />Unil: G <br />Block: NA <br />Bldg: <br />Tract I1859 <br />AddressRange: 3600-3770 <br />Historic: No <br />Suite Range: <br />Zoning: R4 <br />q <br />city of Santa Ana 20 Civic Center Plaza (M-19), Sanla Ana, CA!27O2 Plumbing <br />Permit Counter: (/14) 447-5800 lnspection Requests: (714) 667-2738 lnspector Section: (714) 647-5853 <br />Permit #: 3Ol40{75 <br />Pin #: 78056 <br />Owner: <br />Address: <br />Bob Salazar <br />3660 S Bear #G <br />Santa Ana, CA 92704 <br />Profes!ional Plumbing <br />17150 Newhope St 1.401 <br />Fountaln Valley, CA 92708 <br />(714) 96rl-3519 <br />Fee Typo <br />01116002 51602 Water Piping (Each 100 <br />01116002 5160C General Plan Update <br />01116002 5'160i lssuance <br />Amount <br />44.51 <br />22.08 <br />55.04 <br />Fee <br />$44.51 <br />$22.08 <br />$55.04P hone <br />Phone <br />State Lic *: 517514 <br />Lic Type: C-35 <br />Bus. Lic #: 353119 <br />Workers' Comp€nsatron lnsurance:Carrier: Oak River lnsurance Company <br />Policy #: PRWC918977 <br />Expires: 10/13t2019 <br />Sotchi:{6678 - lO/3O/2818 ID: JGUDINo <br />office: CTYH Tronea: 36 I ol 1 <br />Acct+! Rrfi: 3011r,t175 <br />R(eti:024236E9 - lg/fi/20t9 1l:45 5n <br />T.onsoct iot Totol 11t129,26 <br />Professionol Plurb i ns <br />G€,terol Ploa urdota Fe€ <br />0u 16002- 516000m- <br />P lt.rb i nc <br />01116002- 516{12@0-lhster Cord <br />CC?:rrrrrrrrrrrr7827 <br />Building Use: <br />Job Type: <br />Nature ot Work <br />Planning Conditions: <br />Planning Approval By <br />Plan Checked By: <br />Permit lssued By: <br />Subject to Field: <br />Building Permit #: <br />10,30/2018 <br />Account# <br />Misc. Receipt: <br />Misc. Receipt: <br />Misc. Receipt: <br />Total <br />Condomlnium <br />Miscellaneoug <br />Leak Repair <br />Occupancy: <br />Constr Type: <br />Code: <br />R-2 <br />VB <br />cPc 2016 <br />Autlri: - <br />$'12'1.63 <br />$0.00 <br />$121.53 <br />Notes <br />Every pcmit issued shall bocgmo invalid unloss tho wo* on tha site <br />autlprizod by stch pemil is cammenctd within 1 80 days |fier its <br />issuancc. or il the wgd< authorized on tho sito by such pennit is suso€ndad <br />ot abandoned for e period of 1 80 days after the tirno the wo* is <br />commen@d <br />lnspector MID#: 2018-14732'l <br />$22.08 <br />$99.55 <br />Fee Total <br />Paid to Date: <br />Balance Duo: <br />Tenant Name: <br />Contractor: <br />Address: <br />Qty <br />1 .00 <br />1.00 <br />1.00 <br />zuniea, lrissa$/ <br />Date: <br />Date: <br />Date: <br />01 I '16002 51600 <br />01 1 16002 51602