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City of Santa Ana 20 civic center Plaza (M-19), Santa Ana, cA 92702 Building <br />Permit Counter: (714) 647-5800 lnspection Requests: (714) 667 -2738 lnspector Section: (714) 647-5853 <br />Permit #: {Ot9569{ <br />Pin #: 96819 <br />q <br />Unrl Bldg Address Range Suite Range: <br />Zoning: RlAssessor's Parcel 001-215-10 Lot POR '10 & POR l Block. NA Tract: 1323 Hrstoflc No <br />Building Use: Single Family Dwelling Occupancy: R-3, U 1st FL Area Patro <br />Job Type: Alteration Constr Type: V B 2nd FL Area: T.l.Area: <br />Nature of Work: Foundation Stabilization Code: cBc 2016 other Areas yards Req,d <br />Existing Bldg. & Use: Residontiat SFo Flood Zone: x-0602320144J carage Area: Valuation: S1O,5OO.O0 <br />Proposed Use: # of Stories: Total: O <br />O6scription of Work: lnstall (5) push pier foundation underpinning with foundation brackets for voluntary/remsdial foundation stabilization .geotechnical <br />investigation report provided" <br />Planning Conditions: <br />Owner <br />Address <br />Phone: <br />Tenant: <br />Lisa Mills <br />2317 N. Olive Lane <br />Santa Ana, CA 92706 <br />(949) 678-9919 <br />Conlraclo. South Coast Piering lnc, dbi <br />Address: 41357 Oate Street <br />Murrieta, cA 92562 <br />Phone: (800) 922.2488 <br />State Lic #: A26234 <br />Lic Type C-61 <br />Bus. Lic #: 368929 <br />Workers' Compensation lnsurance <br />Carrier Employee Service <br />Policy #. RWCC65182361 <br />Expires. 0110112019 <br />SFA De*lll fff W ilHD - ,,/1,/.)fi!:l Ir): I <br />Jefrrey qfitgEer ( IIH tran5i; 1) <br />9020 SfrflI'Bthgron Square Drivdigl-at 1r.ri r <br />Portlan6o*l7A2z242tt4 - 4,/i/')tt1i:" lttt 1 <br />(S03)G4ll5gltorlron Totol 11. <br />beiasri|!rn cuu.t p,*l1l!' 1,,].',',,,., <br />Engrneer <br />Address <br />Phone <br />License # <br />Phone: <br />License # <br />Architect / <br />Desiqner: <br />Address. <br />6enerol Pl(n Lrpdqte <br />01116002- 51600U011- <br />8u i ld ine <br />01116002- 51601000- <br />Blde Stds Revolv in s <br />ul1l6u02- 51612000- <br />Fee <br />Planning Approval By: Mccann, Melanie <br />Plan Checked By: ,-\ Heidari, Fred <br />Permil lssued By: <br />NPDES lnsp. Req'd: <br />PWA lnsp. Req'd: <br />Planning lnsp. Req'd <br />Landscaping lnsp. Req'd: No Flood Zone Cerl. Req'd: No <br />Every pem tssued shall become invalid unless the wod< on the sile aulhonzed by <br />such permi $ cofimenced wlhin 180 days aftet its issuance.or il the wo* aulhonzed <br />on lhe ste by such pemit ts suspended or abancloned lot a ponod of180 days aher <br />lhe ttme the wo* ts commenced <br />Dale. 04f05/2018 Mlsc Recerpl <br />Dale: 0312912018 i,4isc Recerpt <br />lvlisc. Receipt <br />r# <br />otttdo69i SLtbLr FtltfifrftU51 r),,ihi i <br />07116002 53500 Plan Check Fee <br />07776002 51612 Bld9. Stds. Revolving <br />07776002 51600 General Plan Update <br />07776002 51601 lssuance <br />.$308 52 <br />$427 .72 <br />$1 00 <br />$21 25 <br />$52 98 <br />Amsden, Julie Date: 04/0512018 <br />No subject to Field. <br />No Fire lnsp. Req'd: No <br />No Police lnsp. Req'd: No Accoun Total <br />$81 1 47 <br />$427.72 <br />9383.75 <br />lnspector <br />011 16002 51600 <br />01 1 16002 51601 <br />0 1 '1 1 6002 5'r 6'1 2 <br />$21 25 <br />5361 s0 <br />$1 00 <br />Fee Iotal: <br />Pard to Dale <br />Balance Oue <br />Project Address: 2314 N Olive Ln <br />MID#: 2018-'141705