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- W L9 * '1&9,92.. <br />4 - <br />PASTELERIA 2 LLC <br />LUCASO-SIGNS <br />1101 5. Grand Avenu€ Suite C i Capr€ra 68 B 13-42 <br />Santa Ana, CA 92705 USA Bogota, D.C ColombiaRANCHO LA ILUSION +1 (714) 542 3780 +57 (1) 290 6411 <br />sal€ <br /> <br />www.€zboxsyst€ <br />Project: <br />Past€1€ria Rancho La Ilusion <br />Addr€ss: <br />111 Oxford St Santa Ana CA 92707 111 Oxford St, Santa Ana CA 92707 <br />Account Manag€r: <br />Juan Ospina / Lic. # 974657 <br />e <br />a E Mcfadden Ave 44000 <br />Harwood Pte too <br />a <br />1114 Libra One <br />Gle,idale Ct R <br />100 E McFadden Ave <br />4132 <br />Lathrop <br />9, Intermediate <br />School <br />0 <br />W Russell Ave W Russelt Ave 0 E Ausse\ <br />100 20C <br />2 <br />D oxf <br />Santa A [ Oxford St 0 <br />Ana FBO 200 <br />Griffi <br />W Wilshire Ave <br />2C0 E WilshireCalifornia <br />Dentistry- Santa •Allied <br />Ana Rent A Car <br />e <br />A #1 Emergency e Hobart St Hoba St Hobart <br />Servlce - Flood •100 200 <br />Damage Repair St Anne <br />School <br />, Chem-Dry St Anne <br />Church E Borch· <br />Orange Ave <br />ess AveG 4049 S Xe,#peo,8 s <br />00£1 <br />IS LI:118 S 1 @100,0 01,1113 04Ded Oak $1 <br />Seal€: As Noted <br />D€sign: # 20130226 <br />Dat€: August 14th 2013 <br />PLEASE USE PERMANENT MARKER <br />SHARPIE OR SIMILAR <br />APPROVED <br />PLANNING DIVISION <br />MASTE:h 1 -2-P [3 - 1141 51 1 <br />Approvals: <br />•For Job Landlor P -K7 A ./-) 18.0 . <br />Name: A (S:AT LA-AJE.yu - <br />Signature:\-k,Tr) <br />'d/Qula€'tflkz <br />A <br />G.P Zone 6-1 <br />•For Installation <br />PLANNEI - 4i471-DATE 10/4113 Nam€: <br />1- Vecinity Map <br />Scal E: NTS <br />TRANSF RED BY .DATE <br />PtM¢NiNG fNSPECTION REQUIRED: <br />ROUGH _._-FINAL NONE X <br />NAME (714) - <br />RETAIN PANS FOR FUTURE REVISIONS. <br />SUBJECT TO ITEMS CHECKED AND CONDITIONS <br />BELOW: <br />O INTERIOR TI ONLY <br />O NO EXTERIOR ALTERATIONS/MODIFICATIONS <br />O ALL WATERIALS TO MATCH EXISTING <br />O SCREENING REQU:RED <br />O SUBMIT LANDSCAPE PLANS <br />-4 F->:TiONS LADe t C 19,0 <br />\/4 <br />Signature: <br />This is an Original UnpublishEd draluing <br />cr€at€d by LUCASO SIGNS. It is <br />submitt€d for your approval, it is not to <br />be shown to anyone outside of your <br />organization nor is it to b€ r€produc€d, <br />copi€d or Exhibit€d in ang fashion. Th€ <br />changing of colors, siZES mat€rials or <br />illumination m€thod do€s not alt€r th€ <br />design Own€rshipof this design is held by <br />LUCASO SIGNS. Authorization to us€ this <br />d€sign in any fashion must b€ obtainEd in <br />writing from LUCASO SIGNS. <br />NOTE: Th€ colors d€pict€d her€ ar€ a <br />Graphic rfprEs€ntation. Actual color may <br />varg. S€€color specifications. <br />Sf 2-0/3 - j © 5'