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/*.-1, <br />Planning & Building Agency <br />Building Safety Division <br />20 Civic Center Plaza PATIO COVER FOR ONE ANDRO. Box 1988 (M-19) <br />& BULDING (714) 647-5800PLANNINGSanta Ana, CA 92702 TWO FAMILY DWELLINGS <br />AGENCY <br />CITY OF <br />Bll,42312#27:REA}METLIWL#TE&$Fge®mivehmwaa....7;.BIma!,mimmEEE <br />STD-02 CBC 2010 <br />IMPORTANT NOTE TO PERMIT APPLICANT: <br />Prior to expending time, money or effort in plan preparation, the applicant should contact the Planning Division at (714) 647-5804regarding zoning, setbacks, landscape, aesthetics and other requirements. A fully dimensioned SITE PLAN shall be required on aseparate 81/2" x 11" sheet of paper. Ask for handout on Residential Site Plan Information (patio cover is not permitted within5 feet of a property line). <br />DETAIL <br />"An <br />SEE ROOFING NOTE <br />SPECIFY ROOFING & SHEATHING OR OPEN LATTICE <br />- RAFTER SIZE & SPACING <br />SEE TABLE "A" <br />/ 0 0 0 <br />IKY C <br />/ <br />- 11. <br />12 <br />120 <br />MAX.1 <br />illillillill -\F\--/-1 . <br />\CONTINUOUS LEDGER <br />FOR HEADER SIZE <br />SEE TABLE "80 -DETAIL "B" , <br />/ -1-I / <br />iF-'DETAIL "D'- --/ <br />RAFTER SAN -'12 102·POST SPACING QEXISTING | *| - 1 U.1HOUSE -'OVERHANG OVERALL LENGTH _, <br />WALL 1 .0 <br />LONG SIDE MUST BE 65% OPEN g <br />DETAIL "C" <br />SLOPE TO DRAIN --- <br />60 6" <br />- MIN.MIN <br />FOOTING 12'Co <br />BELOW GRADE w <br />- *- SEE TABLE <br />-, - -'C" FOR SIZE <br />n11 <br />Ify 1 1.11..11111111-=1111 WI'll . 11,1 / <br />2500 P.S.1. CONCRETE 4.- .SIDE VIEW <br />END VIEW <br />r- 3/8" 0 X 5° LONG LAG SCREWS <br />/ INTO STUDS AT 16' O.C. <br />FOOTINGS: <br />CBC APPENDIX I. A PATIO COVER MAY BE SUPPORTED ON A CONCRETE SLAB ON <br />GRADE WITHOUT FOOTINGS, PROVIDED THE SLAB IS NO LESS THAN 31/2"THICK AND <br />FURTHER PROVIDED THATTHE COLUMNS DO NOT SUPPORT LIVE AND DEAD LOADS IN <br />AN EXCESS OF 750 POUNDS PER COLUMN. <br /> CONTINUOUS LEER <br />JOIST HANGER OR SOLID BLOCKING IX <br />NAIL RAFTER TO BLOCKING E- <br />DETAIL "A" <br />PATIO SIZE 4 4' 30 X Li# 1 311POST SIZE 4 <br />POST SPACING 11100" <br />HEADER SIZE 4 X /0 <br />RAFTER SPAN 17-, <br />RAFTER SIZE& SPACING 2 x 6 @ /6 ' O.C, <br />ROOF PITCH 3-jil <br />ROOFING MATERIAL TOCC#2.©Lt Uncil <br />GRADE OF LUMBER: KA D.R NO.1 <br />O DE NO.2 <br />rev:07/19/2011 <br />TABLE A USE: <br />1. DETERMINE ROOF SLOPE <br />2. SELECT RAFTER SPAN <br />3. SELECT RAFTER CENTER <br />TO CENTER SPACING <br />4. SELECT RAFTER SIZE <br />TABLE B USE: <br />1. SELECT SPAN OF RAFTER <br />2. SELECT POSTSPACING <br />3. SELECT HEADER SIZE <br />TABLE C USE: <br />1. SELECT SPAN OF RAFTER <br />2. SELECT POST SPACING <br />3. SELECT FOOTING SIZE <br />TABLE A <br />ROOF RAFTER SPAN <br />RAFTER SPACING ROOF SLOPE ROOFSLOPE <br />SIZE C. TO C.<4:12 2 4:12 <br />12"8'-0°8'-6" <br />2X4 16'7'-0'7'-6' <br />24°6'-0.6'-6 ' <br />12'13'-0'13'-6° <br />2X6 16°11'-6"12-0' <br />24"10'-0"10'-6 <br />12"17'-0'17-6" <br />2X8 16'15'-6"16'-0" <br />24"13'-6"14'-0' <br />TABLE B <br />SPAN OF POST SPACING /HEADFR 9 7F <br />RAFTER 4x4 4x6 4x8 4x10 <br />Into.5'-6"91-0.11'-6"15'-0° <br />12'-0'5'-60 8'-6.11'-0'14'-0° <br />14'-6'5'-0"8'-0.10'-6"13'-0" <br />16'-0' - 7-6"10'-0'12'-0" <br />18'-0- - 7-0"9'-6"11'-6' <br />TABLE C <br />SPAN OF <br />POST SPACING / FOOTING SIZERAFTER <br />10'-0"5'-6715"so 9'-0718"sa. 11'-6721'sa. 15'-0724'sa. <br />12'-0"5'-6-/16° sq 8'-6720" sq 11'-0722"sq. 14'-0926°sq <br />14'-6"5'-0716"sq 8'-0720°so. 10'-6724'sci 13'-0726' sq <br />16'-0'7'-6'/21' sq 10'-0"/24" sc. 12'-0'727' sq <br />18'-0' -7'-0721 -sq 9'-6726" sq 11'-6728" sq <br />Page 1 of 2