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2301 1 moulton parkway, suite j-10, laguna hills, california 92653 <br />(7 1 4) 77 0-8528 <br />d. a.evans inc. <br />engineering and geological <br />consultants in applied <br />earth sctences <br />October 8, 1981 <br />CAD I LLAC - FAI RVI EW <br />2200 West Artesia Boulevard <br />Compton, California 90220 Our Job 81-20-10 <br />Attention:Mr. Charles Mitchell <br />Subj ect :Final Report of 0bservation and Testing ofGrading Industrial Site, Spec. B1dg. No. <br />26 , Parcel 1 , 3001 S. Susan Street , Cityof Santa Ana, California <br />Reference:"Report of Geotechnical Investigation,Parcel 1, Susan Street, City of Santa Ana,California", dated June L2, 1981 byD. A. Evans , f nc . <br />Gentlemen: <br />This letter-report summarizes the results of our <br />observation and testing of grading performed at the subj ect <br />site. The purpose of the grading was to create a pad <br />for the support of the proposed industrial building. Additional <br />observation and testing services are being provided for utility <br />trench backfiL1, footing excavations and preparation of sub- <br />grade in the parking and drive areas. <br />PRE-GRADED SITE CONDITIONS <br />Prior to this phase of grading the site was a vacant <br />parcel. The surface soil consisting of unengineered fill was <br />relatively loose and dry and was composed of sand, silty sand <br />(-* <br />O(\\-, <br />; <br />6 <br />Fc,^ <br />N <br />I