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coo-2021-176_CO <br />Planning & Building Agency <br />Building Safety Division <br />20 Civic Center Plaza <br />P.O. 1988 (M-19) <br />Santa Ana, CA 92702 <br />(714) 647-s8ls <br />OCCUPANCY INSPECTION <br />APPLICATION <br />@Caz <br />mao <br />ooTma <br />U) <br />N) <br />NJ\o <br />!r1 <br />FIl <br />U) <br />(t) <br />CD <br />CD <br />2029 F, FIRST STR SANTA ANA <br />BUSINESS ADDRESS UNIT OR SUITE ZIP CODE <br />92705 <br />Ist STREET BURGER HOUSE INC <br />BUSINESS NAME BUSINESS PHONE NO. <br />17141543 -6078 <br />EMERGENCY PHONE NO. <br />r7l4r 417-0810 <br />BUSINESS OWNER'S NAME & TITLE <br />PETE BOYAKIS TREASURER/S ECRETARY <br />EI\,,1AIL ADDRESS <br />1 street. bu rqerhouse@q mai l. com <br />2029 E FIRST STREET SANTA ANA CA927O5 <br />BUSINESS OWNER'S MAILING ADDRESS <br />DO YOU SUBLEASE? OYes trNo (lF YES, NAME OF SUBLEASOR)SOUARE FEET <br />2578 <br />FLOOR AREA <br />GROLIND FLOOR <br />LEASING AGENT OR PROPERTY MANAGEI\4ENT COMPANY NAME <br />SAME AS BELOW () <br />BUSINESS PHONE NO, <br />() <br />EMERGENCY PHONE NO, <br />LEASING AGENT OR PROPERTY MANAGEMENT COMPANY ADDRESS <br />Kyung SOON LEE <br />PROPERTY OWNER'S NAME BUSINESS PHONE NO. <br />() <br />EMERGENCY PHONE NO, <br />(562\330-6896 <br />I I423 E,XELSIOR DR NORWALK CA 90650 <br />PROPERTY OWNER'S ADDRESS <br />BUSINESS DESCRIPTIoN RESTAURANT <br />O AUTO REPAIR (NO WELDING, NO OPEN <br />FLAMES, NO SPRAY PAINTING <br />O AUTO BODY (SEE ATTENTION BELOW) <br />tr WOODWORKING (SEE ATTENTION BELOW) <br />O EATING ESTABLISHMENT (SEE PWA) <br />E OTHER (DESCRIBE ABOVE) <br />t] MANUFACTURING <br />O OFFICE <br />O RETAIL SALES <br />tr WHOLESALE <br />O WAREHOUSE <br />tr GROUP ASSEMBLY <br />El Yes fd No No. 1 Will you be storing and/or utilizing hazardous materials at <br />this facility? <br />E Yes 14 No No. 2 Does your production process produce hazardous waste? <br />lf you have answered Yes to either question you must contact Orange County <br />Fire Authority's Hazardous Material Disclosure Section at (714) 573-6000. <br />lf YES, please descri <br />ATTENTION: ALL GROUP "H" OCCUPANCIES (INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, AUTO BODY, AUTOMOTIVE WORK OR STORAGE <br />TNCTDENTAL TO WELDTNG W|TH OPEN FLAME, WOODWORKTNG, CUTT|NG, SHAPTNG OR SANDTNG WOOD) SFTALL NOT BE CONDUCTED rN <br />ANY BUILDING OR STRUCTURE UNLESS THERE IS AN APPROVED FIRE SPRINKLER SYSTEM INSTALLED. <br />srGNAruRE p ETE BoyAK I s 3l"+iiii1liiii".orir,i.,,.,..*,,,n*-- ".".TREASURER/SECRETII <br />TITLE <br />02t28t2021 <br />DATE <br />DEPARTMENT USE ONLY EXPIRED/OPEN PERMITS? <br />'ves-- - No -;;i;;'"poa' <br />" ll( t, tl <br />PRIOR APPROVED USE*tuh EsrtuilJilla <br />PRIOR APPROVAL DATEI l/q/zatY <br />PRIOR OCCUPANCY GROUP43 Ll,t)PRIOR CONSTRUCTIO]! TYPEy'o , snz <br />PLANNING I ZONE-F/oc lcs <br />CUP '5ltu/tmt <br />.J DENIEDo DATE <br />L/ - /Z -z) <br />Note: One of the following must be checked by the C of O lnspector. <br />I I Yes I I No Has the insp€ctor identified any hazardous materials at this facility?I I Yes I I No ls hazardous waste being generated at this site? <br />NOTES: (LIMITATIONS OF APPROVED OCCUPANCY) <br />t <br />BTN 376174 <br />e <br />I