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CITY OF SANTA ANA <br />2021 REDISTRICTING <br />COMMUNITY <br />OF INTEREST <br />MAPPING <br />ACTIVITY <br />i 1[0A0 C <br />COMMUNITY NAME <br />NAME <br />ki <br />INSTRUCTIONS <br />Please use this map as a wayto draw <br />your community of interest. It is <br />importantto know about communities <br />so new council district lines can amplify <br />the voices of residents. <br />Examples of communities can include <br />areas of the city where many residents <br />speak the same language, work in <br />DESCRIPTION <br />the same industry, have similar housing <br />or socioeconomic relationships, or have <br />residents that use certain city facilities. <br />To start, please include a name for your <br />community, your name and email address <br />(optional), and a description of your <br />community. Then draw your community <br />on the map. <br />1 J ir„J-, <br />- i r\ W 1"\C <br />