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Banuelos, Lynda <br />From: on behalf of The City of Santa Ana <br /><> <br />Sent: Wednesday, November 03, 2021 11:12 AM <br />To: !City Clerk <br />Subject: Webform submission from: Public Comment Form on Communities of Interest for <br />Redistricting <br />Submitted on Wed, 11/03/2021 - 11:12 <br />Submitted values are: <br />Please Choose Your Language Preference: <br />English <br />Name <br />Lorena <br />Date <br />11/03/2021 <br />What is the name of the neighborhood where you reside? <br />I live by 1 st street and Halladay <br />How do you describe your community to someone who hasn't visited? What streets/boundaries define <br />your community? <br />My community is infested with homeless. It's very unsafe to walk the streets once the sun goes in. Numerous <br />amounts of trash and feces left by homelessness on sidewalks. Our community has 2 smoke shops within 1 mile <br />radius owned by the liquor store owners right next to them. We have are children walking these streets seeing <br />these homeless standing outside the smoke shops. Our ward districts 6 and 3 needs to invest in this issue. I sure <br />don't see all these issues in the Floral park or by Saddleback school. Also my community housing is apartments <br />making it very difficult to find parking in the streets. Constantly receiving parking violations tickets for parking <br />in red. <br />What are the major cultural/recreational/educational/religious institutions in your community? <br />1 community center for thousands of people with children's. <br />Does your community have major geographical boundaries/features (freeways, parks, lakes, mountains)? <br />No lakes, no mountains... parks?? 1 park. Yes on freeways. <br />Do you have concerns about the current boundaries of your Ward? <br />Yes, boundaries should be looked at and see our true needs in my community not just the better side of Santa <br />Ana. Ward 6 and ward 3 are the step child of the other wards. <br />Other Comments: <br />Another skate park should be built in this community to fit our teenagers skaters. Closest one is by Garfield/ <br />Lazy area which I would not feel safe sending my child to that side. Street parking ordinance some cars are <br />parked taking 2-3 spots saving parking. The city decided to red paint no parking which it's already a big issue <br />