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O~INANCE NO. N$-91 D~CLARING T~E ANNEXATION OF THAT <br />CERTAIN TERRITO~--~GNA'~ "ELEVENTH AT KING ANN~' <br /> <br /> Wh~A~, Th~ City Council of the City of Santa Aha did on February 7, <br />1955, declare its intention to annex certain uninhabited territory by <br /> <br />Resolution No. 55-32, which said Resolution was regularly published in the <br /> / <br />Santa Aha Independent and Orange Daily News as required by law, and which <br /> <br />said Resolution gave due notice of public hearing to be held on March 21, <br /> <br />1955; and <br /> <br />W~E~A~, at said hearing there were no objections or protests to <br /> <br />said proposed annexation; <br /> <br />NOW, '£'~J~E~ '£~ CITY COUNCIL OF 'l'~ CITY OF SANTA ANA DOES ORDAIN <br /> <br />~gCTION 1. That after due hearing re~p~larly held in ~11 respects as <br /> <br />required by law and as more particularly shown in the files of this proceeding, <br /> <br />it finds that there was no protest to the annexation of the territory herein <br /> <br />described, that due notice of the time and place of hearing was given; <br /> <br />said territory was wholly uninhabited at the time the petition for annexation <br /> <br />was filed; that said territory is contiguous to the City of Santa ~na, California; <br /> <br />that written consent, of ~1~ the owners was filed with the Clerk of the'Council <br /> <br />prior to the adoption of this Ordinance, agreeing that s~l property within said <br /> <br />territory sh~l~ be taxed to pay any indebtedness or liability of said City con- <br /> <br />tracted prior to or existing at the time of annexation and that said property <br /> <br />sb~11 be so taxed. <br /> <br />S~CTION 2. That all of the territory situated in the County of Orange, <br /> <br />State of California, described as: <br /> <br /> That portion of Lot 9 of the V~ds of S. H. Finley, a~ shown on <br />a record of survey map filed in Book 2, l~e 9 in the Office of the <br />County Recorder of Orange County, California, described am follows: <br /> <br /> Beginning at the Northeast corner of said Lot 9~ said point being <br />located on the center line of King Street 109.60 feet North 27° 30' <br />00" East from the intersection of the center line of said King ~treet <br />withthe center line of Eleventh Street as shown on a map of Tract <br />1685 recorded in Book 49, Page 45~ Miscellaneous Maps~ Records of <br />Orange County, California; said center line of King Street b~ing on <br />the Westerly City ~tmfts of the City of Santa Aha; ~,nntng from <br />said point South 27© BO' 00" West 276.91 feet; thence North 62© <br />30' O0" West 291.99 feet toa point in the Westerly line of said ~ <br />Lot 9;~thence North 27° 30' 00" East 122.O9 feet alom~ the Westerly <br />line of said Lot 9 to the Northwest corner thereof; thence North <br /> <br /> <br />