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O D NANCW. AMENDYNG SECTIONS ? OO AND <br />7~! OF T~m SA~CIPAL CODE FIXING WA','ER <br />SERVICE CO~N,'.CTION CN~R. ~, ~A~UN AND ~'~ P~TES. <br /> <br />CITY COUNCIL OF T~ CITY OF SAiITA ANA DOES ORDAIN AS FOLLOWS: <br /> <br />S~CTION 1. That Sections 7~O0 and 7~O1 of Ch&pter ~ of Article V~I of <br /> <br />the ~anta An~ Municipal Code are hereby amended to read as follows: <br /> <br />"~ECTZON 7~O0~ Conuection Charges. <br /> <br /> "A~plicationm t~ have w~ter service ins+~l <br />~ the ~nt of ~blie Works. ~e City s~ c~ ~d <br />co~ect in ~ce for each ~p ~d at~nt ~ ~th its <br />s~m of ~ter ~rks ~ fo~, ~t: For each ~/~" ze~ce <br />on ~ro~d st~e~, co~e~, ~.~; for ~ch B/~" se~ce <br />on ~ved 8t~ets, c~le~, $50~; for each 1" me,ce on <br />~ streets, co$1ete, $~.~; on i~ str~, co~le~, <br />~.~ For all ~ger sizes of se~ce ~d all fire lines, <br />act~ costs of ~bor, eq~p~nt, ~ri~ ~d o~rhe~ used for <br />2he se~ce. <br /> <br /> "All proposed and existing buildings within the City not <br />under,the Jurisdiction of the City's Building Code shall provide <br />& backflow preventer which shall be installed by the City at the <br />expense of the property owner.' <br /> <br />"SECTION 7~O1~ P~tes to be Charged~ <br /> <br />~ ~The follOWing rates and compensation ~re hereby fixed and <br />established ms the bi-monthly rates and compensation to be charged <br />and collected by the Finance Department for stand-by and for water <br />furnished within the City~ <br /> <br /> "A minimum charge shall be made as & baas rate, stand-by or <br />readiDess-to-serve charge for each size of se~:¥1ce connection for <br />each period~of two months, and all charges shall be billed at the <br />end of each two-month period, as follows: <br /> <br />~or e&ch 1 inch <br />For each l½inch <br />For each 2 inch <br />Eor each ~ inch <br />For e&ch ~ inch <br />Eor each 6 inch <br /> <br /> "When the charge for the amount of water actually used exceeds <br />the f~regoing minim,ma for a bi-monthly period, the actual amounts <br />to be charged s~11 be computed and b~T~ed for each period of <br />months as follows: <br /> <br />For the first <br />Eot the next <br />For the next <br />For the next <br />For the next <br />For all over <br /> <br /> 1,500 cuJft~ or less at ~0~210 per 100 cu~ft~ <br /> 6,000 cu.ft~ or less bt ,O~lSOper 100 cu~ft' <br /> 17,500 cu~ft~ or less at O~160per 100 cu~ft4 <br /> 25,000 cu.ft, or less at 0~1~O per 100 cu~ftJ <br /> 50,000 cu~ft~ or less at O~llO per 100 cuJft~ <br />100,000 cu.ft, at 0~080 per 100 cu~ft~" <br /> <br /> <br />