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'.~].iE SANTA ANA ,.U!iZCiPAL COD~ 'i'O C_L%L'SE DiS'PRZC'~ <br />AND PZ~NDiNG SEC'L'IONAL DiSTRIC'f <br /> <br /> ?YiIERE[IS, the Plannins Coh%,~ission has biven notice of and <br />duly held a ikfblic hearin~ on Azr~endu,~ent Application No. 333 <br />initiated bi; CONiQAD SC~[UL~Z for cnan,~e of district classification <br />fr~n .? District to C-2 District, and said Co~,%,~ission has reco~- <br />h~ended ap.grovel of said A.221ication; and <br /> <br /> LT{ER~iS, tine City Council re%ularl~~ held a public hearins, <br />on notice, and does now find that p~101ic necessitl, convenience <br />and general welfare re%uire tile followin% amenc~:~ent and that tnt <br />use under ti~e new classification will not be detrix.~ental to the <br />surronndin~ propert] . <br /> <br />NO%f, 'fHEREPORE, TiiE CZ'PI COONCiL OF '±'iiE CilT'Pd OF SAi?i'A Alia <br /> <br />DOES O~LDAiN AS POLLO~PS: <br /> <br />SEC'!'iON 1. That the real propert!~ in the CitI of Santa Ana, <br /> <br />Count)~ of Orange, State of California, described as: <br /> <br /> Leginnin~i at the point of intersection of the Souta line <br />of Pirst Street with t.~e East line of HailadaI Street as <br />show~ on a r~a? of R. ¥. Lennedict's st{bdivision of the <br />Daniel llakladay '±'ract, recorded in Look Pa, .?aue 7, of the <br />2iscellaneous ~%ecords of Los An%eles Counti', California; <br />runnin9 thence South along the East line of 2ialladal~ Street <br />303 feet, re. ore or !ess, to tile North line of %[alnut Street, <br />thence East alon,~ the iiorth line of Waln~!t Street 1~0 feet; <br />thence North ,parallel to %he East line of Halladal Street <br />3,3~ feet to the South line of Pirst Street; thence ~[est <br />1~,0 feet to the .point of be~$innin%. <br /> <br />Except therefrom: the North 90 feet. <br /> <br />Also except therefrom: the followin%: Le~innin% at the <br />intersection of the East line of ~Ialladai Street with <br />North line of ?Talnut Street as shown on a ma2 of ?.. G. <br />l~,enedict's subdivision of tine Daniel ~lallada!, 'z'ract recorded <br />in Look 25, PaSt 7 of the ..iscellaneous l%ecords of Los <br />Ans~eles Coentl, California; running thence East alon,~ the <br />North line of Yalnut Street la, 0 feet; runnin% thence k]orth <br />at rilht an=les and parallel with tnt East line of i{alladay <br />Street .6 feet; thence Lest and parallel with the North line <br />of ~[alnut street 73 feet; thence South at ri~ht an%les and <br />parallel with the East line of i{al!ada2~' Street 2 feet; <br />running t?~ence R'est and parallel with the i,[orti~ line of <br />~alnut Street 75 feet to the East line of lalladay Street; <br />thence South along the East line of i{altadai, S~reet 2 feet <br />to tile 2oint of be!innings. <br /> <br />S~fbject to covenants, conditions, reservations, restrictions, <br />and ri,~hts of wa~ of record. <br /> <br />-1- <br /> <br /> <br />