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ORDI=L%!JC~ 2qO. DECLA~Ii~G ~HE Alqi;~JA=fIOi~ OF <br />THAT CEP.~I'AIi~ TERikITORY DESIG4~A'i~D "DEODAR AI~[D <br />SEVEiqTEENTH i~. W. A1]~i~'' <br /> <br /> ~-HEi~EAS, the City Council of the City of Santa Ana did, on <br />December 19, 1960, declare its intention to annex certain uninhabited <br />territory by Resolution No. 60-267, which said Resolution was regularly <br />published as required by law, and gave due notice of a public hearing <br />to be held February 6, 1961, which said hearing was regularly held on <br />said notice and on mailed notices as required by law. <br /> <br /> NOW, THEREFORE, THE CITY CO~CIL OF THE CITY OF SA~ITA ANA DOES <br />ORDAIn! AS FOLLOWS: <br /> <br /> SECTIO~ 1. %~at after due hearing it finds there was no <br />protest to the annexation of the territory herein described, that due <br />notice of the time and place of hearing was given; that said terri- <br />tory was uninhabited at the t~ae said Resolution No. ~0-267 was adopted <br />initiating this procedure; that said territory is contiguous to the <br />city of Santa Aha and that said territory shall not be taxed to pay any <br />indebtedness of the City existing at the time of this annexation. <br /> <br />SECTIO~ 2. T~at all of the territory situated in the County <br /> <br />of Orange, State of California, described as: <br /> <br /> Beginning at the point of intersection of a line parallel <br />with and 25.00 feet North, measured at right angles, from the <br />center line of Seventeenth Street, with the North extension <br />of the East line of the West half of Lot ~umber 5 of the <br />Felipe Yorba Tract as shown on a map thereof recorded in <br />Bo~z 4, Page 20~, i~iscellaneous Records of Los Angeles County, <br />California, said point of beginning being an angle point in <br />the city boundary of the City of Santa Aha, California; and <br />running thence West along said parallel line and along said <br />Santa Aha City boundary 152.00 feet more or less to its inter- <br />section with the Southerly extension of a line which is paral- <br />lel with and 10.00 feet East, measured at right angles, from <br />the West line of Lot 4, in Tract Number 1031, as shown on a <br />map thereof recorded in Book 33, Page 43, ~4iscellaneous <br />Records of Orange County, California; thence ~orth, departing <br />fr~ said Santa Ana City boundary, along said line parallel <br />with the West line of said Lot 4, and its extension 100.00 <br />feet; thence East parallel with the ~orth line of said Lot 4 <br />a distance of 178.71 feet to the East line of said Lot 4; <br />thence South along a straight line parallel with the center <br />line of Deodar Street as shown on said i.lap of Tract Number <br />1031 and along its South extension 176.78 feet more or less <br />to its intersection with a line parallel with and 52.00 feet <br /> <br />-1- <br /> <br /> <br />