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ORDINANCE NO. NS-1244 <br /> <br />AN ORDINANCE OF THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF <br />SANTA ANA AMENDING SECTION 35-201 OF THE SANTA <br />ANA MUNICIPAL CODE WHICH PROVIDES FOR A SANITA- <br />TION CHARGE ON THE USE OF SANITATION FACILITIES <br />AND SERVICES <br /> <br /> THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF SANTA ANA DOES ORDAIN AS <br />FOLLOWS: <br /> <br /> SECTION 1: That the Santa Ana Municipal Code is hereby amended <br />by amending Section 35-201. Said Section to read as follows: <br /> <br />Sec. 35-201. Establishment of a Service Charge <br /> <br /> The City shall make a monthly service charge to each residen- <br />tial, commercial, industrial, manufacturing or other unit which is <br />located within any sewer district or district serviced by a public <br />sewer for the maintenance, construction or reconstruction of the <br />sewage collection system, street cleaning or any other general op- <br />eration of the City. Such service charge shall be in amount equal <br />to the following schedule: <br /> <br />(1) <br /> <br />For each structure containing one through four dwelling, <br />commercial, industrial or manufacturing units, the sum <br />of $.50 per month per unit. <br /> <br />(2) <br /> <br />For each structure containing five or more dwelling, com- <br />mercial, industrial or manufacturing units, the sum of <br />$4.00 per month. <br /> <br />(3) <br /> <br />Those units located within the City of Santa Ana and pur- <br />chasing water from sources other than the City, shall be <br />billed by the City at the same rate as designated in sub- <br />paragraphs 1 and 2 of this Section. <br /> <br /> SECTION 2: The sections, paragraphs, sentences, clauses and <br />phrases of this ordinance are severable, and if any phrase, clause <br />sentence, paragraph or section of this ordinance shall be declared <br />unconstitutional, invalid, illegal or unenforceable for any reason, <br />such unconstitutionality, invalidity, illegality or unenforceability <br />shall not affect any of the remaining phrases, clauses, sentences, <br />paragraphs and sections of this ordinance. The City Council of the <br />City of Santa Aha hereby declares that it would have adopted this <br />ordinance and each section, paragraph, sentence, clause, phrase or <br />portion thereof irrespective of the fact that any one or more sections, <br />paragraphs, sentences, clauses or phrases be declared invalid or <br />unconstitutional. <br /> <br /> SECTION 3: The Clerk of the Council shall certify to the passage <br />and adoption of this ordinance and shall cause the same to be published <br />within fifteen (15) days after its adoption in one issue of the Santa <br />Ana Register. <br /> <br /> SECTION 4: This ordinance shall take effect immediately upon <br />posting or publication. <br /> <br /> PASSED AND ADOPTED by the City Council of the City of Santa Ana <br />at its regular meeting held on the 16th day of December, 1974. <br /> <br /> <br />